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Judi Lynn

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Member since: 2002
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Nothing Less than Democracy, Ever
To maintain democracy, we must address the question of Brazil's government system

Editorial Opinion

Jun.29.2020 10:02PM

The foundation of Brazil's young democracy is solid. A vast majority, 75%, today considers democracy the best form of government, a record since Datafolha began researching the topic in 1989.

It is solid, and yet it has suffered systematic attacks from extremists who identify with President Jair Bolsonaro. This is the biggest stress test since a civilian's return to the presidency 35 years ago.

Many do so in bad faith; others, for not having experienced the horrors of the cruel machine that came with the military dictatorship in 1964. This last group is part of the 54.2% of young people born after 1985.

Therefore, Folha launched an offensive on three fronts: advertising and a special journalistic campaign this Sunday (28th) and a free course for those interested in knowing the history. This is so it won't be repeated.

The initiative also serves to wake up those who have nostalgia for the dictatorship. Many of these people think there would be no corruption scandals, that public security would be great, and the economy miraculous with a dictatorship.

In real life, the executive power stifled institutions, free-thinking, and the right to express it. Torture was state policy, adversaries disappeared, disagreements were hidden by the gag on other Powers, and the economic growth of the 1970s ended in uncontrolled inflation and debt.


The Washington Post: Journalism dies in Colombia

by Adriaan Alsema June 24, 2020

The latest advertorial of Colombiaís president Ivan Duque in the Washington Post is further threatening the freedom of press in the South American country.

Iím not particularly familiar with American media, but after the New York Times doing Medellin Mayor Daniel Quintero a similar favor on his COVID-19 approach, Iím concerned that US media are making reporting in Latin America even more dangerous.

Foreign reporting is important for the public
The WaPo columnist accurately pointed out ďLatin America receives insufficient attention in the U.S. media, in coverage of covid-19 and everything else.Ē

In fact, Colombiaís journalists are in desperate need of support from guys like Ignatius and American coverage of other pressing issues like the peace process, failing counternarcotics.

Reporters who revealed a mafia plot to rig the 2018 election or report on the peace process are receiving death threats, for crying out loud.

. . .

Iím not familiar with American media culture, but I believe that ignoring compelling stories from abroad contributes to regional instability, which I do not believe is in the interest of the American public.

I donít know what the purpose of Ignatiusí column was, but it wasnít journalism.

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