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Judi Lynn

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Bogota's former police chief arrested over illegal wiretaps

by Adriaan Alsema September 12, 2018

The former Chief of Police of Colombia’s capital Bogota was arrested on Wednesday over his alleged role in an unfolding wiretap scandal.

Retired General Humberto Guatibonza is accused of requesting illegal wiretaps with a company formed by several former military officials and a “hacker” of Colombia’s Information Technology Ministry.

. . .

The 2008 DAS wiretap scandal revealed that the office of former President Alvaro Uribe was using now-defunct state intelligence agency DAS to illegally spy on the Supreme Court, rival politicians, journalists and human rights activists.

Colombia’s current Interior Minister Nancy Patricia Gutierrez, who was the president of the Senate at the time, was given illegally obtained intelligence information to discredit Senator Piedad Cordoba, a leftist opponent of Uribe.


The extraordinary criminal past of the Devon pilot who flew cocaine for Pablo Escobar

Barnes languishes in jail after an axe attack in 2016. But his astonishing exploits for the Medellin cartel could form the plot of a film

By Paul Greaves
14:09, 8 SEP 2018

As the plane carrying armed henchmen for a South American drugs cartel touched down in a moonlit farmer's field in Colombia and the shotguns were loaded, the former Devon schoolboy in the pilot seat asked himself "What the hell have I got myself himself into?"

The answer for Andrew Barnes was that he had become an unlikely character in highly dangerous tale of cocaine smuggling, crazed drugs lords, and the Medellin cartel with Pablo Escobar at its head.

. . .

It was the late 1970s. He was a fresh-faced 20-year-old. His associates needed a pilot to fly the new designer drug from Colombia to Florida. As the operation expanded so did the profits.

Astonishing amounts of money were made by the cartel bosses, chief among them Carlos Lehder, the co-founder of the Medellin drug cartel and associate of Pablo Escobar – the richest criminal in history.


OMG. Just saw your video! Have been moving this weekend, didn't catch them last night.

These clips MUST be saved and never lost by everyone who's honest.

I had no idea anyone was positioned to get such an impeccable view. There can be absolutely no doubt.

Surrounded him with a layer of security involved in the charade, and immediately whisked him out of sight, then posed him on a stretcher. Didn't even see these last night, was going so fast trying to locate more info. to post in this thread, and didn't see your post at ALL then.

Classic, epic, this stunt is a prototype. They pulled it off, too, until someone stepped forward with a continuous view of it in all its glory.

This is one for the books.

I surely hope they aren't able to suppress this copy and any others which may be spotted. It's certainly all anyone needs to see right through the dishonest dirtbags.

Sandensea, can't thank you enough for your post. I'm saving this thread immediately.


Scientists mapped Jupiter's crazy magnetic field

Understanding the magnetic field can help answer questions about Jupiter’s inner structure.

By Pranjal Mehar - September 7, 2018

Scientists for the first time have detected Jupiter’s crazy magnetic field using NASA’s Juno spacecraft showing it is confined almost entirely to the northern hemisphere.

Jupiter has a huge magnetic field. This magnetic field is the reason for the planet’s magnetosphere and the incredible aurora that appear at the poles. Scientists believe that the understanding of this magnetic field could help them get insights into the inner structure of the Jupiter.

Juno was launched into space in 2011 and has spent the last two years orbiting the gas giant. Its primary goal is to understand the origin and evolution of Jupiter—as the biggest planet in our solar system by far, it could provide key insights into planetary systems of other stars.

In a new study by the U.S. and Denmark, scientists have created a map of Jupiter’s magnetic field, showing it in unprecedented detail. created a map of Jupiter’s magnetic field, showing it in unprecedented detail. They found that the field is non-dipole and this is almost entirely confined to the northern hemisphere.


Scientists Have Detected an Entirely New Visual Phenomenon in The Human Eye

We can see more than we thought.


New research suggests the human eye and brain are capable of seeing ghosted images, a new type of visual phenomenon that scientists previously thought could only be detected by a computer. It turns out our eyes are more powerful than we thought.

The discovery could teach us more about the inner workings of the eye and brain and how they process information, as well as changing our thinking on what we human beings can truly see of the world around us.

Having been developed as a way of low-cost image capture for light outside the visible spectrum, the patterns produced by these ghosted images are usually processed by software algorithms – but, surprisingly, our eyes have the same capabilities.

"Ghost-imaging with the eye opens up a number of completely novel applications such as extending human vision into invisible wavelength regimes in real-time, bypassing intermediary screens or computational steps," write the researchers.


Brazil far-right candidate Bolsonaro in serious condition after stabbing


Gabriel Stargardter, Brad Brooks

JUIZ DE FORA, Brazil (Reuters) - The leading candidate in Brazil’s presidential election is in serious but stable condition after being stabbed by an assailant at a campaign rally on Thursday, doctors said, pushing an already chaotic campaign into further disarray.

Far-right firebrand Congressman Jair Bolsonaro, a controversial figure who has enraged many Brazilians for years with divisive comments, but has a devout following among conservative voters, could take two months to fully recover and will spend at least a week in the hospital, said Dr. Luiz Henrique Borsato, who operated on the candidate.

. . .

He has openly praised Brazil’s military dictatorship and in the past said it should have killed more people.

In casting his vote on the floor of Congress for the 2016 impeachment of former President Dilma Rousseff, he dedicated his ballot to the military regime figure who oversaw the prison where Rousseff was jailed for three years and brutally tortured.


Saturn Sprouts Another Weird Hexagon, Puzzling Scientists

By Kimberly Hickok, Reference Editor | September 5, 2018 07:42am ET

A bizarre, hexagon-shaped vortex has formed above Saturn's north pole as the planet's northern hemisphere enters summer, data from the international Cassini-Huygens mission revealed. The unusual vortex is circulating hundreds of kilometers above the clouds in the stratosphere layer of the ringed planet's atmosphere, a new study reported.

This warm polar vortex resembles another, previously discovered hexagon formation, also located at Saturn's north pole, but lower in the atmosphere. But how and whether these bizarre low- and high-altitude hexagons are related remains a mystery to scientists.

"Either a hexagon has spawned spontaneously and identically at two different altitudes, one lower in the clouds and one high in the stratosphere, or the hexagon is in fact a towering structure spanning a vertical range of several hundred kilometers," Leigh Fletcher, lead author of the study and planetary scientist at the University of Leicester in England, said in a statement. [Cassini's Greatest Hits: Best Photos of Saturn and Its Moons]

NASA's Cassini spacecraft arrived at the Saturn system in 2004, when it was summer in the planet's southern hemisphere and winter in the northern hemisphere. At the time, the spacecraft documented a circular, warm, high-altitude vortex at Saturn's south pole but nothing at the north pole.


Ancient galaxy is forming 1,000 times more stars than Milky Way

High levels of gas within the galaxy are triggering runaway star formation.
By Laurel Kornfeld | Sep 02, 2018

A 12.4-billion year old starburst galaxy is forming stars 1,000 times faster than the Milky Way, according to a team of scientists who studied it using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) radio telescope in Chile.

The researchers found molecular clouds within the huge galaxy, designated COSMOS-AzTEC-1, to be very unstable, a condition that causes runaway star formation. Dense gas clumps within the galaxy are so concentrated that they are rapidly collapsing and forming stars. At this rate, the clouds may be completely gone within 100 million years.

Typically, molecular clouds in galaxies are kept stable by outward pressure from star formation and supernova explosions of dying massive stars. The clouds collapse and form stars when their gravity overcomes this pressure. New stars and supernova explosions then increase the pressure in what becomes a stable cycle, with moderate star-formation rates.

COSMOS-AzTEC-1's pressure is much weaker than its gravity, resulting in runaway star formation.



Brazil police ask that President Temer face fresh corruption charges - document


BRASILIA (Reuters) - Brazil’s federal police have recommended to prosecutors that President Michel Temer be charged with taking bribes and money laundering, according to a police document reviewed on Wednesday by Reuters.

The investigation involves 10 million reais ($2.41 million) in illicit funds Temer’s Brazilian Democratic Party allegedly received from construction firm Odebrecht [ODBES.UL] in 2014, according to the police document.

Odebrecht made the alleged payment in 2014, when Temer was vice president.

. . .

Brazil’s Prosecutor General Raquel Dodge requested in March that Temer be investigated despite the constitution barring him from standing trial for crimes committed before he became president as long as he remains in power.


Far-right group in Colombia threatens congressmen, human rights advocates and journalists

Source: Colombia Reports

by Megan Janetsky September 5, 2018

Right-wing extremist group Agulias Negras sent out a death threat to congressmen, human rights advocates and journalists on Tuesday.

Ivan Cepeda, senator of the socialist Democratic Pole party, tweeted out a picture of the threat, which named him and a number of other opposition leaders and organizations.

“Organizations and leaders will disappear, because our country can not be the cradle of leftists, guerrillas, militiamen, anti-corruption storytellers, camouflages of supposed social leaders and defenders,” the note read.

. . .

The group said it was because of those activists that they “started this fight of extermination on the entire Colombian territory, and nothing and no one is going to stop us.”

Read more: https://colombiareports.com/far-right-extremist-group-in-colombia-threatens-congressmen-human-rights-advocates-and-journalists/
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