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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 32,944

Journal Archives

Twelfth Night. Tonight's the night.

I'm just saying...

Newt got his ashes raked over and hauled to the dump by The RomnRoid Surrogate Attack Team

Willard's surrogate Attack Team (R) flings some badass vicious poo. America knows that now, after having witnessed their ball-kicking attack on Teh Newt.

Listen now with your Third Ear, and you will detect the unmistakable sizzle of revenge making hot bubbles in the Gingrich brainpan.

B1G getting its clocks cleaned today

Ptoooey. That is all.

BREAKING: Ron Paul (R) thinks George AWOL Bush LIHOP the 9/11 attack

According to today's report on the Huffington Post (and the forensic skills all Astute & Patritotic Americans)


An older front page report on Bush LIHOP

Mayan Prophecy for 2012 Sports

The Patriot Pump will continue to gain in popularity (in the SpiralHawk living room).

Watch out for me: Santa brought me an iRenew bracelet (as seen on TV)

Now -- apparently -- I am going to be POWERFUL AND BALANCED. Bwaaaa ha ha ha. Watch out for me.

What a joke. It's a strip of rubber band with an infernal clasp. It don't do doodley squat.

I googled this here iRenew sucker and -- apart from the paid sockpuppet spam raves all over kingdom come -- everyone else who got one of these rigs in their stocking rates it as Deluxe Crap.

Holiday Survival Guide -- from Occupy Wall Street

Occupy the Dinner Table !

Patriots hold on to beat Dolphins 27-24

Now 12-3 - had to put up with some first half booing from their own fans. Meh. Dooshbags. I give the team not a Tebow (Hell no), but a Patriot Pump.

Solstice Redemption. All invited (Even RepubliCons)

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