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How "average" is often very misleading----- People paid to manipulate readers

with words often use the term to essentially lie to us while being "technically correct".

For example if you and 131 others in your tax bracket were in a room with Elon Musk, it would be technically correct to report that the "average" wealth of those in the room was "over 2 billion dollars", but would that not be ridiculously deceptive? Mr. Musk's net worth is 266 billion dollars and that certainly "skews" the average, does it not?

Another example: imagine that you have one of your feet in each of two buckets of water. The "average" water temperature in the buckets is 122 degrees. That may sound comfy until I tell you the temperature of the water in one bucket is 32 degrees (freezing) while the other is 212 degrees (boiling). It may be technically correct to state that 122 degree "average", but I doubt you'd want a foot in either bucket.

"Figures can lie because liars can figure".

Trump did not say this, but he may as well.

"Those seeking my support in these upcoming midterm elections should understand this: I will only endorse candidates who are willing to kiss my ass in public and thank me profusely and repeatedly for the privilege."

First, the bad news: my diet did not survive the holidays.

Now, for the good news: the US Postal Service says I now qualify for my own zip code!

A memo to the MAGATs: (yeah, I know this should not be necessary, but---s-i-g-h----)

Please sit down. What follows may fry your synapses and I don't want to be responsible for your bumps and bruises if you collapse. With that said-----

You absolutely and positively cannot create facts simply by making word sounds. Facts either exist or they do not. We can discover facts and we can learn of them, but none of us---including even "him"---can create facts---PERIOD.

As to a related concept, statements made by humans are either true or false. Some true statements may be denied and some may sound too good to be true. but true is true. The other side of this coin is that false statements are, by definition, not true. No matter how many times a false statement is made---even on TV---it will not somehow be "transmogrified" into a truth---PERIOD.

Now that you've been stunned by those blows to your personal version of reality, let me hit you with the knockout punch----THERE'S NO STEAL TO STOP! TRUMP LOST BY NEARLY 8 MILLION VOTES!

Now, just slither away and stop that damn whining, ok?

A partial list of situations I consider embarrassingly ridiculous:

---no proof of vaccination (POV) is required to board a plane, train or bus;

---no POV is required in order to work in any healthcare facility including nursing homes;

---no POV is required to attend or work in a school in any capacity;

---wearing a mask marks me as a "liberal snowflake" in my community;

---people who know they have covid and intentionally mingle with others are not arrested and charged with assault;

As I mentioned, a "partial" list.

Could this be the major difference between the parties?

Democrats want to do what they decide is right even if they sometimes make mistakes.

Republicans want to be told what to do and never question whether it is right.

"And it came to pass, in the last days of the year of "Magnus Mendacium", that

the Prevaricator in Chief, no doubt distracted by the ever-tightening lasso around his documents, his phone records and his tax returns, committed what he had taught his cult was a Great Sin: he spake a truth.

In the understandable shock and disbelief that reigned in the first several moments after Donaldus Trumpus blurted out that he was vaccinated for covid, had gotten his booster shot AND encouraged everyone to do the same, his disciples were stunned into silence. But, then, as the enormity of his sacrilege swept over them, the first "boos" were heard. Like a snowball rolling downhill, those first outbursts gathered more and more volume as the startled "boos" became an avalanche of angry "BOOS"!

And, it was then that the wide-eyed Donaldus came to understand that the cult he had created in his own image was no longer under his thumb and perhaps might no longer worship him or eagerly cheer his every word. He tried to choose what course he should take, but was stricken by a blinding bolt of brainus fartus and, terrified, fled to Marred Leggos where he could barge into wedding parties and ogle flower girls that resembled his favored girl child.

And the hill's echoed with the laughter of the vaccinated."

I had an idea for a rather scholarly OP today about procrastination, but

I never got around to the research, so---------

Maybe after I finish my Christmas shopping.

To the general public---there's only one reason not to vote for Joe in '24:

you think what happened at the Capitol last January---the deaths, the violent attacks on police, the destruction and vandalism, the piss on the floors and the poop smeared on walls, the chants calling for the murder of the House Speaker and the Vice President---was just fine as far as you are concerned.

You may tell me you have other reasons, but your vote is telling Trump and his cult that the 1-6-21 attempted overthrow of the world's oldest democracy was just dandy.

"Please, sir, may I have another?"

A week or so ago, I THINK I heard that televised proceedings of the Select Committee

would start this week or the first week in January. Now, no info on tv.

Does anyone know when this will start?
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