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The J6 Committee's reports has not even been released and, yet, the "But---but---" period has

already begun.

Most of us agree Trump should be indicted for several serious crimes.

But---but---that will be seen as POLITICAL! And so would failing to indict.

But---but---that will be used as a justification to indict President Biden once he is out of office! For-------?

But---but---his MAGA base will go crazy and riot all over the nation! Doubtful, but if so, not for long.

But---but---convincing the public majority is much easier than convincing a jury of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt! I thought we had faith in Garland and Smith.

But---but---it's never been done before! We've never before permitted a traitorous career criminal to occupy our White House.

Let's finish the investigation, get our waterfowl in sequence and indict, convict and sentence the thug we all know deserves it.

"Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid!"----Goethe

Isn't this an ironic coincidence?

Given how many Trump Whitehouse texts are "circling back" to bite him and his posse on the ass, it seems noteworthy that "cell phone" and "self-own" are homonyms.

Yes, I know I'm "weird".

"I don't know that it's criminal to take bad advice from your attorneys."

That's why Mother's Boy doesn't believe Trump should be prosecuted for anything.

I'll let that sink in for a few seconds.

This is the "man" that came within 40 feet of a Trump-incited traitorous mob intent on assassinating him. THAT ALONE is enough to make his mewling Casper Milquetoast demeanor when asked about Trump utterly disgusting. But, "Bobblehead Mikey" went above and beyond that.

Donald Trump doesn't "take" advice from attorneys. He DICTATES what he wants them to advise him to do and, so far, there have always been
whores with law licenses who were willing to play along.

The "advice" Trump "took" from his "lawyers" was, as always, simply what he wanted to do---period.

And, Mother's Boy knows that, which is why he easily qualifies as a lying sonofabitch.

I believe I am right that the House Ethics Committee is the only committee required to have equal

representation from each party. So,--------

If the R half hangs together and opposes the (at least ) four Rs just referred by the J6 Committee------"Neener, neener! Nothing to see here---move along!"

And then we sit and watch while Jim Jordan---as new chair of the Judiciary Committee---SUBPOENAS Pelosi, Schumer, Garland, Fauci, etc. AND pursues impeachment of President Biden?

One way that Liberty University saves its students money is that they

only require them to study one book.

The first Christmas tree that I remember was maybe two feet tall and it was placed on top of our

small International Harvester refrigerator. I was with Mom when she bought it.

Just off the square in our small town there was a narrow vacant lot between the Piggly Wiggly and a furniture store and that was where balsams of all sizes were sold. We had walked from our tiny apartment over a mile away "across the tracks" with Mom pushing a "baby buggy" in which my two younger sisters rode. I was not quite four. To say Mom "had her hands full" would be quite an understatement.

Mom picked out the small tree which was already mounted on an "X" of two short 1 x 2s. I don't recall what the tree cost, but I vividly remember that having it "frosted" with artificial snow cost a dime. I can still see Mom's face as she pondered whether the "new-fangled" process would be worth it. After all, dimes did not "grow on trees"!

She finally okayed the "extra" and the evergreen was put into a plywood enclosure, a switch was flipped and I know my eyes must have opened awfully wide as a sudden loud hissing "Whoosh" sounded inside the box. After a few seconds, the tree was removed---now miraculously white with "snow"! Mom and I grinned ear to ear as she somehow strapped the tree on top of my sisters' ride and we walked home with our treasure.

A few of the glass and celluloid ornaments from that Christmas tree are hung in the honored top location on the tree across the room from me as I type this.

Thanks, Mom. You are still missed and loved.

And it came to pass that when The Nine came down off the mountain of Evidence, they found

a multitude hungering for their words. And, in turn, they spake as one.

"We, each of us, have listened to the voices of scores---nay, SCORES OF SCORES!---of those both high and low, both angered and fearful, both "Philistine" and faithful. While these spoke in different terms and varied in their knowledge and enthusiasm, their words led us to the same transparent conclusion--- he who thought himself our Pharoah was---" alas! --- a despicable thug! Lowest of the low! A Pile of DREK! To say he has sinned great sins against those he swore to serve and protect is like unto saying the Nile is "damp".

And some among the people began to wail and rend their garments, saying "We should have known! Hillary knew! Nancy knew!

Why, oh why, did we not have ears to hear when Hillary warned us that his ways were deplorable?

Why did we not understand that when Nancy wagged her finger across that table that was her way of saying "Thou hast pissed me off!"?

And The Nine then carried the tablets upon which their truths had been inscribed past the throng and layed them at the feet of He Who Must Indict and implored "Do your thing, dude!"

Hopefully, to be continued.

Is it not absolutely AMAZING that the same people---including federal judges--- who insist

that whether or not to get vaccinated is a PERSONAL---not governmental---decision see no problem in the government forcing an 11- year-old girl to carry her uncle's baby to term or a grown woman having to be knocking on death's door before a non-viable pregnancy may be medically terminated?


"The wheels of justice grind slowly, but----"

"The wheels of justice grind slowly, but----"
"The wheels of justice grind slowly, but----"
"The wheels of justice grind slowly, but----"
"The wheels of justice grind slowly, but----"

Please remember: it may have been phrased in many different ways and concealed beneath tons

of bullshit, but the primary goal of the Republican party can still be accurately summed up with just two words:

"cheap labor".

The rest is window dressing and camouflage.
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