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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 15,124

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You have to wonder---maybe not---

How we got the POTUS that we got
In twenty-sixteen---that AWFUL year!
He dirtied all that we hold dear!

But twenty-twenty brought us Joe
And now we think we're good to go.
But, let's take heed in twenty-three:
No one's safe while Trump is free.

Now's not the time to dilly-dally.
Let's give the guy just one more rally!
For the young, the old, the poor and rich

Happy Holidays, y'all!

Bright sunshine lured me outside in just a jacket this morning where I was promptly mugged

by the knife-wielding wind!

It nearly emptied my stash of warm and bit my ears before finding an opening that funneled it past my collar and down my neck. One lap around the meadow was enough to send me inside where I traded the jacket for a thermal vest, lined chore coat, a muffler, stocking cap and moose hide mittens.

Properly attired, I resumed my walk and this time was able to laugh at wind chill.

There is very little---weatherwise---that can keep me inside for long. Inside may offer safety and warmth, but outside offers vibrant life and one can't get too much of that.

"Always stay close to Nature"---wise advice from the man I was privileged to call "DAD".

I recall reading quite some time ago that one of the differences between the parties was that

Democrats don't always close the blinds on the bedroom windows when they should while Republicans always close them even though there is seldom any need to.

I dunno----

Have you ever been really really filthy? I'm talking "after a day in a steel mill" or "after a hot

day of baling hay" filthy; not a dry stitch on you all day and grime covering every square inch of exposed skin.

If you have been that filthy, think of how great it felt to GET CLEAN; a hot soapy shower and shampooing plus fresh CLEAN clothes.

THAT is how I will feel if we ever really actually truly bring tfg and his accomplices to justice and scrub our country clean of their influence.

Obviously, the poor folks who are so outraged by President Biden's signing into law

the bipartisan legislation protecting same-sex marriages are simply mistaken about how this will impact their lives. Let me correct that:

NOTHING in this law---not one section, paragraph or word---will infect you with "the gay". You can still marry one of the opposite sex if that seems right for you. It simply now gives everyone that right---to marry the one that seems right for them; the one they love

So, folks, heave a sigh of relief and relax, OK?

(That explanation should end all of these ignorant threats, right?)

Is there any record anywhere of exactly who bought Trump's NFTs? Surely the

entity which made them available would have a list of their customers, no?

This morning began with bright sunshine and puffy white clouds scudding eastward

overhead, but a solid line of dark grey sky to our west looked ominous. By the time I had split kindling, layed this evening's fire, filled the covered wood crib and topped off the feeders with seed and suet, the breeze had quickened and that solid line had obscured any hint of sunlight or blue sky. The wind chill is 21 degrees.

I am inside, warm, dry and very well fed watching a variety of birds gobble down my offerings as I sip a mug of Earl Grey.

So far, today life is good.

So, most of the time I am fairly civil in my posts but, this evening. I am on my third snifter of

brandy and am, thus, not inclined to pretense.

The plain unvarnished truth is that Trump and supporters of his too numerous to mention should be in their second year of imprisonment. That this is not where we are at is an international embarrassment.

Those who disagree should know they are the cause of many smiles on the other side of the aisle.

Pax vobiscum.

As "The Holidays" approach, most of us anticipate gatherings with family and friends,

good food, gifts and ---most important---hugs. Most of us, but not all.

Some will spend Christmas Day alone and sad and spend New Year's Eve at home by themselves watching the "Ball Drop" in their sweats and maybe drinking too much to numb the pain of solitude.

If you believe you may know such a person, could you somehow "put an arm around" them in some way?

A visit? An inexpensive gift? A dozen Christmas cookies?


People who feel abandoned and inconsequential are the folks who spike the suicide numbers this time of year. The feeling that someone cares about them may persuade them to carry on.

Think about it, OK?

( Overheard in the sub-basement at Mar-A-Lago----according to the rumor I'm starting. )

"Sir, you've been down here now for a month and, without your make-up, you're looking very pale. It's time to come up and into the sunlight, sir---OK?

No, the sunlight will not make you disintegrate---that was just a movie!

Yes, I'm sure that was just fake news. The sun won't harm you at all! So, why don't you put down both your cell phone and the remote control for the big-screen and come with us? Step around that pile of KFC buckets and don't slip on any of those Big Mac wrappers.

What? No, sir. I am NOT a Mexican.

What? Yes, sir. My skin is brown but that's my TAN, OK?

How can you be sure? Well, sir, I really don't--------NO-NO, sir! Don't go back! If you'll just-------------


Like I said above, that's just a rumor, so don't spread it around!
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