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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 15,124

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Um-m-m----------this "Trump trading cards" thing is a JOKE, right? I mean---- no one in

their right mind would-----------wut?-----------


Just in! Trump has been named "Classy & Tasteful Communicator of 2022" by LUME! nt

Memo to already-overburdened judges everywhere: "friv-o-lous"-----

"not having any serious purpose or value."

The large majority of the Trump and Trump-wannabe lawsuits tossed into your courts are just this: "FRIVOLOUS".

Label them that and toss them into "file 13".

Carry on.

A little verse for those with red caps and blue noses:

Mind your own damn business and leave other folks alone
How they live and who they love is way outside your zone.
Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong and if you do, well---(cough)
You just might find some are inclined to chop that thing right off!

I'm not sure if this is just normal for someone in their 70s or if it means I'm a head case.

More and more often, I find myself savoring the most ordinary or even mundane things.

As I walked out to our compost bin this morning, the day had dawned as damp, cool and sunless and I began to let it weigh on my attitude. But, then, just across the drive, the ground was carpeted with brown and yellow leaves and I actually stopped to appreciate their symmetry and wonder if I would see their replacements next spring.

I then smiled at the one small patch of blue sky, listened to the crows quarrel in a neighbor's field and then turned to face and suck in the cool breeze whispering through the hardwoods.

"The day will come" I told myself "when I would give much to be able to venture out into this 'damp, cool, sunless'--- and WONDERFUL day!"

---sigh---I have just admitted talking to myself after wondering if I'm a head case. Maybe I am.

Idea for a tee shirt: "You're STILL A Republican?-----SERIOUSLY?" nt

One of those "Damn! I can't believe this needs saying!" memos to Republicans:

---sigh--- you can't---cannot---CAN. NOT.--- without branding yourself a "chancred whore"--- cluck your supposed disapproval of Trump's vulgarisms, insane anti-democratic threats and his incitement of violence by his disciples and THEN look into the TV cameras and say that's "of course" you will vote for him if he is nominated!

To paraphrase Hawkeye Pierce, "the instrument has yet to be invented that could measure the enormity of my disgust for you!"

One definition of a "conservative" is someone who opposes doing anything for the first time.

We should not let them impose that attitude on the rest of us.

Refer members of Congress for criminal prosecution? "Nope! Never been done before!"

Indict, prosecute, convict and imprison a former "potus"? NBDB

Refuse to seat any member of Congress who voted to overturn President Biden's election? NBDB

Impeach or otherwise remove a SCOTUS justice who ignores the universally accepted ethical guidelines imposed upon virtually every other judge in the nation? NBDB

Trespass on a ship and throw crates of expensive tea into Boston Harbor? NB-----wait! WE DID THAT!

If you lost a lot in the Bitcoin collapse, here is your chance to recover and be wealthy.

For a limited time, I can share my limited supply of Magic Beans!

For a mere $9,999, you can purchase a beautiful hand-tooled leather pouch containing SIX of these seeds that will assuredly grow into prosperity for you and your family. I know that sounds too good to be true, BUT WAIT---!

Order within the next four hours and we'll include a genuine Magic Bean Planting Trowel with your order!

Let the Bitcoin losses be forgotten! Start 2023 with a sure-thing investment in your future!

Call BR-549 NOW!

"For What It's Worth---"

"I think it's time we stop
Children, what's that sound?
Everybody look, what's going down?"

Seriously--- a just-reelected US Representative just indicated that if SHE had been in charge of the January 6th insurrection the mob would have "won" because she's have had them "armed".

I guess I am past the point of assuming that "surely" someone will punish this blatant support and encouragement of a second more violent and much bloodier attempt to overthrow our government. I can't be much more specific than I want to see her ass in a sling SOON!

I'll stop with that lest I offend someone's sensibilities. Heaven forbid!
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