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An admonition to Ms Greene: Stop blaming God for your being a mean-spirited asshole! nt

A fact both parties need to be reminded of, for different reasons: band-aids are best ripped off


Republicans can either sl-o-w-l-y tug at the crazy right-wing extremism---Trump variety---that has smothered their party or RIP it off by severing ties with not just Trump, but also Greene and Boebert and Gaetz and Jordan and--- the list goes on. The first method insures the slow agonizing death of the "Grand Old Party". The latter method requires courage and resolve, but would allow healing to begin.

Democrats have rightly spent a couple of weeks exploring the possibilities of a bipartisan path to doing what needs to be done to deal with both the viral and economic emergencies. Republicans are still whistling and looking the other way while shielding the traitors in their midst. The time to use the power voters have given them is here. RIP the band-aid off.

When folks who shower before work pool their resources (capital) in order to have greater power,

increased security and more prosperity, that's called a "corporation" and that is considered "the American way".

So, when folks who shower after work pool their resources (labor) in order to have greater power, increased security and more prosperity, that is called a "union". Why is that considered "unAmerican socialism"?

So, don't say where you heard this, but I have a copy of the press release McCarthy will use this

evening after he "has a word with" Ms Greene. Got it from ol' Duane over at the "Liquor Locker" and he got it from the driver who delivers beer all over the area and his brother-in-law's sister works at the state capital, so you know this is reliable info.

"As Minority Leader in the US House of Representatives, it fell to me to have a word with freshman Representative Marjorie Taylor-Greene this evening because of the recent media frenzy concerning the unpopularity of some of her views. We had a full and frank discussion and I can assure you that I now know all I need to know about this new member of our caucus.

I sort of somewhat believe her when she says she did not say all of those hateful things on those videos and asserts that Jewish socialist billionaires paid for extensive plastic surgery on a Marjorie look-alike and paid her BIG BUCKS to say those hateful things before the cameras of fake news journalists thought to have been employed by Soros interests. In a similar manner, antifa and BLM operatives hacked into her social media accounts and planted disgusting tirades now falsely attributed to her.

That's what she says is the truth of the matter and I can't think of any reason she would lie.

So, now that I have set things straight, let's move on and Make America Great Again, shall we?"

Remember, you didn't hear that from me. Act surprised when it's made public tonight.

I'm sure there are others here more qualified to post this, but I do have some personal knowledge

of the subject: Dad was a union man.

My Dad was a member of the old "Laborers and Hodcarriers" union. Back in the 50's, when I was still a pup, the minimum wage was $1.25 an hour and the hourly rate for union laborers was just above that.

I recall that, until union laborers walked picket lines and sometimes fought scabs and paid goons to change things, employers provided on-site open water buckets with one shared tin cup for the crew of laborers. Unsurprisingly, hepatitis was much more common in those days as the highly contagious disease spread from one sick thirsty worker to several co-workers. Contractors had to be forced to provide disposable paper cups and provide clean water on-site.

At that time, laborers could be sent down into unbraced trenches12 or 15 feet deep. It was rare not to know someone you'd worked with who was killed or seriously injured when a trench collapsed and buried them under tons of dirt. Union men forced contractors to shore up any trench over 5 feet deep.

Workmen's compensation, the 40 hour work week, overtime pay, holiday pay, "prevailing wage" laws for government work---WEEKENDS, for cryin' out loud. None of these "just happened"; none of these were "given". They were TAKEN by organized labor---unions---from business interests who fought them every step of the way. Please consider that if these benefits to working people had to be pulled from the clutching fingers of wealthy capitalists--- they could be taken back. Given the popularity in some states of the evil "right to work" laws, some would say the take-back has already begun.

As I end this, I can recall that, as a child, I thought that the reason they called them "picket lines" was because they tacked their strike posters to pick handles. Some years later, I heard why the pick handles were necessary.

Unions created the middle class. If we want to keep it, we need to support the right of workers to organize and bargain for the wages and working conditions so many today take for granted.

How was that, Dad?

So, the GOP won't support Biden's proposed $15/ hour minimum wage? They do seem to like this

"1776" number, so----$17.76?

They're gonna scream at $15; let them scream for our "patriotic" minimum wage.

(To those preparing to jump on this, this is not seriously proposed. $15/ hour would be a good first step.)

Addendum: Actually, $16.19/hour would be a good NEXT step before jumping to $17.76.

Not a new experience, but I am confused.

Lindsey has loudly threatened to call THEIR witnesses if the Democrats call a single one and that the trial will then take "months".

I thought it was up to the Democratic team to present their case with any evidence which reasonably sheds light on Trump's "guilt or innocence". And I understand that Trump's counsel will be able to cross-examine the witnesses and ,I assume, present their own witnesses about the issues to be decided.

But, does Lindsey---or any other senator---have standing to call THEIR chosen witnesses?

Are we going to retry all of the 60-odd election fraud actions which Trump lost?

Will we hear testimony from Hunter? Barack? Hillary?

Will their be some limit to the poo-flinging?

I have an ultimatum for the Republicans NOW talking about the "need for bipartisanship":

-----I'll just say that it ends with "---or get off the pot!"

Republicans are to "let's find common ground" as Lucy was to "I'll hold the football for you." nt

Why does Trump need to hire "outside counsel" when he already has 45 defense attorneys

in the Senate and the only "fee" they request is a pat on the head?
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