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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 15,124

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Really? We are actually expected to show some small smidgen of respect to Pence even as

he reportedlyly has an "improving" relationship with the orange thug who condoned a January 6th "hit" on him?

Not spitting on him is about as "respectful" as I can manage.

As I watched the candlelight memorial at the White House last evening, those Marines in their

"dress blues" reminded me of my Dad.

In 1941, after wheedling permission from his single mom, he enlisted in the USMC at age 17. Shipped off to boot camp at San Diego, he spent 8 weeks in some of the roughest training you can imagine and emerged as "honor man"---the best in the platoon--- and stood in line anxiously looking forward to being awarded one of those sharp "dress blue" uniforms promised to whoever earned the honor man award in each platoon.

Sure enough, after getting the badge signifying he was "officially" a Marine, an officer presented him a box containing the coveted uniform and moved on down the line to present more badges.

And, seconds later, an NCO wordlessly retrieved the boxed uniform and walked away with it. He never saw it again.

He spent 27 months in the South Pacific; mostly in the Marshall Islands. The last "dress blues" we saw "in person" were on the two Marines who honored him at his 2003 funeral as taps played.

As you may be able to tell, I still love the man.

The kerfuffle over the Neera Tanden nomination is publicizing an "inconvenient truth":

taking a stand and speaking with passion about those who oppose it makes a man a "hard charger" and a "force to be reckoned with"; someone "destined to lead".

If, however, a woman dares to do the exact same thing, she is "shrill" and "nasty" and should just "stick to baking cookies".

Strong women only frighten weak men.

Why it is a good thing I am not on the Senate Judiciary Committee:

After a brief statement expressing my total support for Judge Garland, I believe I would feel compelled to address the utter rank hypocrisy of allowing the likes of Hawley, Cruz and Cotton to serve on the JUDICIARY Committee AS THOUGH they had any respect for the oft-mentionec "rule of law".

I would have to point to each and loudly demand "SHAME! RESIGN!"

I have the texts of Cruz's next three public statements regarding the power and water outages:




ANTIFA led the January 6th Capitol invasion! ---and---and------

---that video of the "moon landing" was filmed in Arizona! ---and---

---911 was an inside "LIHOP" event! ---and---and---

---Democrats mutilate infants after they use them in Satanic sex rituals! ---and---

---Tump won the election in a landslide! ---and---and---and--------


I think I am what one might term "emotionally frazzled" and I think I know why: too many

of the names and faces---dozens and dozens---that I hear and see each day in the "news" belong to evil greedy immoral Trumpie assholes and each brings a bump in the blood pressure and a tightening of the stomach.

I have posted before that "stress is the physiological result of constantly suppressing the urge to slap the liviin' shit out of some sonofabitch who richly deserves it!" That is my problem. I am allowing them to trigger a reaction that harms only me.

So, that's the problem. Now, I just have to work on a solution, but I have to confess: I still think Matt Gaetz needs smackin'.

I have work to do.

Brianna Keillar just said Cruz just "did the full Gilligan"---insisting it was just a

"three hour tour!"

Republican lurkers, let's review ( Questions to follow ):

In 2016, he who shall not be named---you know---"IT"---lost the popular vote by nearly three million votes

In 2018, he presided over the "Blue Wave", a historic landslide Democratic takeover of the House.

In 2020, he lost the popular vote again---this time by over seven million votes.

In November of 2020 and January of 2021, Democrats held onto the House and gained control over the Senate.

In four years, he had by far the highest turnover rate among cabinet members and advisors.

While he who shall not be named demands TOTAL loyalty to him, he has no loyalty to anyone.

His vulgar, obscene and childish public speech embarrassed most of your party members.

You had to save him from clearly deserved impeachments TWICE.

He who shall not be named committed numerous crimes in his four years, the last being his traitorous incitement of the violent insurrection on January 6th.

Finally, his last year saw him dither while a largely controllable virus killed a quarter of a million of us and more people lost their jobs, defaulted on their mortgages and went HUNGRY in the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world.

So, tell us, please---why do you CARE about what he thinks of you?

Is there anything you hope to achieve beyond somehow getting a pat on the head from he who shall not be named?

I anxiously await your answers.

So, how are the Texas secession proponents reacting to their statewide power failure? I'm sure

none of them will accept any emergency disaster relief from the "socialist" US government----right?
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