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Member since: 2002
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Are there any attorneys who have represented Trump who do NOT genuinely deserve

to be disbarred?

DU legal eagles: since the Democrats control the Senate and the Senate makes the rules

regarding how the trial will be conducted, could they require Senators to render a "special verdict"?

Could they prevent the Republicans from hiding under the "unconstitutional" fig leaf; make them specifically vote on whether inciting insurrection is an impeachable offense and whether Trump's conduct---words and actions--- over s period of several months did encourage, provoke and incite the invasion of the Capitol and the violent attacks on police and others for the purpose of STOPPING THE CONSTITUTIONALLY MANDATED ACTIONS OF A JOINT SESSION OF CONGRESS in order to toss out the election results and allow Truml to remain in power.

If they are allowed to simply vote "Yea" or "Nay" on conviction, they will be free to make up their own "reasons" for their acquittal votes.

I am sorry, but I just cannot listen to this smarmy arrogant whore spewing transparent lie after

transparent lie.

In a real court with a real judge, how would these "defenses" fly?

"But, your honor, I REALLY BELIEVED----

the speed limit was 95 mph;

I had paid for that tablet;

she meant 'yes' when she said 'no';

my cats were 'dependents';

it was legal to run over protesters.

I guess it probably depends: is the accused a Democrat or a Republican?

Q-TIPS! This will be the first of several ONE HUNDRED PERCENT TRUE communications to those

who understand and appreciate the wisdom and character of---Q.

To be clear, I am NOT Q but I do speak with him/her (see what I did there?) regularly and have, on occasion, impersonated him/her.

Remember: Trust The Plan! The plan may change from day to day or hour to hour, but that is just part of the plan. TRUST IT!

President Trump is NOT in Mar-A-Lago! He is in the Mothership which, by virtue of its cloaking device, is hovering invisibly over the Capitol so his Empathoscope can scan the Senate and determine who is loyal and who he needs us to "deal with".

I'll post again as soon as our Demo-clones are ready to replace Schumer and Pelosi and engineer a mass party switch for all the Democrats except Schiff and AOC. He has "special" plans for them that, for now, must remain secret.

In closing, remember---"Where We Go One, We Go---NUTS!"

Your Honor, it may be true that my client was the intoxicated unlicensed driver of a car with bald

tires clocked at 120 miles per hour travelling the wrong way on the interstate and he has numerous prior DUI convictions but----as you will soon see, three of the jurors have been previously ticketed for speeding and one was actually driving on a public highway with a broken tail light!

How can we get a fair trial from such hypocrites?

We demand a dismissal AND an apology from these unsafe motorists!

Unfortunately, the Senate Republicans have more empty minds than open minds. Trump may be "saved"

by a half dozen or so whose combined IQ is less than that of a bag of hammers.

Unfortunately, this could be a winning argument for Trump tomorrow:


We rest."

I am genuinely amazed at the passionate BRILLIANCE of every single Democratic

Manager! Without exception, each did their part magnificently and in a way which made this Democrat swell with pride and shed more than a couple of tears.

After their presentation, any Republican who refuses to vote for Trump's conviction will stand naked before the nation as the moral pygmies they are.

BRAVO, Democrats! BRAVO!

One hurdle that stands between the Democratic Managers and a Trump conviction

has not been mentioned: the transparent and abject stupidity of several of the Republican senators.

How can one be expected to "reason with" the likes of Tuberville, Lee, Blunt or Blackwell? They would likely vote for their own execution if Trump patted them on the head and told them the "radical left-wing socialist extremists" were voting against it.

Their motto could be "Doh!---"
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