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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 15,124

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That MASKLESS Rand Paul should be ORDERED to wear a mask or be forcibly removed

from the chamber! WHAT AN ASS!

There are multiple Capitol invaders who say they left promptly when Trump told them to.

Supposedly, though, all of Trump's exhortations to "march to the Capitol" and "fight" or "lose the country" had no effect at all on the armed loonies chanting "Hang Pence!"

Yeah----uh-huh-----that's----uh-h-h-------------damn! Can we just call it what it is?

Republican "logic"!

Please don't just read this: think about it.

Politics is not a "game" played for the amusement of a powerful few we've chosen to govern us.

Yes, I know. "Well, DUH!" may be your first thought about that, but don't we daily settle for "gamesters" who seek only to "win", i.e., to advance their personal interests without regard to how that may impact those they have sworn to serve and protect?

When we stop and really think about the "discussions" we listen to on TV about what is happening in DC or our state capitl, we have to understand that when we hear about how so-and-so will "spin" such and such or how they will "manage public perception" in order to "sell" a favored proposal, we are hearing a casual discussion of which lies and deceptions might work best.

Lies that work are "successful strategies". Accomplished shameless con-men are termed "cunning political strategists".

Those who question them are "naive idealists" who "don't understand how things work".

As you read the above, did you you begin to subliminally associate names and faces with some of the criticized tactics?

Weren't all of those people Republicans?

I did not mention any names because that was unnecessary. We all know who the arrogant "gamesters" are and THAT may just be the most understandable "difference between the parties": Democrats ask "How can we help? What's best for most people?" Republicans ask "How can I win? What's in it for ME?"

'Twas just hours before 'peachment and all through the night

Not a single Republican prepped for a fight
"That's not necessary", they offered "You see,
He's one of ours and that's all he needs to be!"

"But, surely" said Democrats, "surely you'll listen
To all of the evidence---nothing is missin'!
He goaded his zombies till we were attacked!
They followed his orders! You know that's a fact!"

But, Hawley and Johnson and Cotton and Cruz
Replied "We don't care! There's no way he can lose!
He's got billions of dollars; he's got the Trump name!
There are hundreds of underlings that he can blame!"

So tell me, America---how will this end?
Will democracy fracture or will it just bend?
Don't sit there and ask "What can one person do?"
Call your senators! Tell them THEY'LL ANSWER TO YOU!

Thanks again for the hearts. Each one surprises me. nt

To those who gave me hearts-----thank you for your kindness. I never know what else to say. nt

According to Republicans, trying Trump in the Senate is "UNCONSTITUTIONAL!"

Also, fining the right-wing nut jobs for bypassing the Capitol security metal detector as they entered the House chamber is "UNCONSTITUTIONAL!"

Even the seconds-long pause required to pass through the security checkpoint is somehow "UNCONSTITUTIONAL!"

Gilded anal sphincters like Rand Paul seem to have discovered a new all purpose "buzz word". They can't explain it or justify it, but they are apparently so proud of their ability to pronounce a six syllable word that they are determined to flaunt it with a smirk in response to any effort to hold them accountable for their despicable conduct.

How long before we hear that Democrats getting elected is "UNCONSTITUTIONAL!" ?

"Reagan proved deficits don't matter."-----Dick Cheney

I post this as a service to GOP lurkers in case they didn't notice all the "concerned" Republicans in Congress winking at them when they waxed histrionic about "the DEFICIT!" when objecting to President Biden's 1.9 trillion dollar "rescue bill".

A question for Republican senators: in your opinion, were Charlie Manson, Osama Bin Laden and

even Adolph Hitler "innocent"? Would you vote to acquit those guys and send them on their way?

After all, none of those people actually killed anyone as part of the crimes for which they are notorious and, judging by recent public remarks, nothing they "just said" had anything to do with the blood others spilled and the property they destroyed.

Did these guys get a "bum rap"?


If music fans could maybe limit themselves to 2 or 3 "listen to this" posts per day instead of

a dozen or so in an hour, that would be appreciated.
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