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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 15,124

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With all of the true and factual derogatory, embarrassing, infuriating and disgusting information

Trump has given us about himself, there is no reason why Democrats cannot unleash a twice a week barrage of "reminders" of just what a despicable waste of skin he is.

We should keep it simple, straightforward, thoroughly sourced and corroborated. These biweekly blurbs should be publicized by non-controversial Democrats that people who are not Trump cultists will listen to without a knee jerk reaction of "partisan hatchet job".

There really is so much factual disgusting information about Trump that even those of us who are among the politically well-informed have forgotten much of it. Instead of "Golden Oldies", maybe we could call them "Orange Oldies". ( "Moldies?" )

Let's make him into a rotting albatross to hang around the neck of every Republican candidate in 2022.

To paraphrase Mo ---Curly? Larry? Shemp?---- Brooks, "It's time to start takin' names and

convicting asses!"

In case any Republican lurkers are somehow unaware of this GOP tradition, let me explain it

to you.

After Trump pardoned a list of what in any other administration would be considered obvious thugs and Missouri Governor Parsons pardoned the wild-assed gun-waving McCloskey couple, it is now clear: so long as you support and please a Republican with the power to pardon you, you can just disregard any law that you find inconvenient.

Point guns at "different" folks who piss you off? Why not?

Take bribes, work for a military adversary, lie under oath, lie to the FBI, lie, cheat, steal or threaten others with violence? Of course you can! You're an arrogant Republican!

Given the laws passed by GOP legislatures in 30 states, independents and disenchanted-with-Trump

Republicans who may vote for Republican candidates for House and Senate should understand this: a vote for ANY GOP candidate in 2022 is a vote for Trump for POTUS in 2024.

Will you be able to live with that?

Is anyone left under the bridge? nt

A question for the talking heads: is it really too much to ask that when someone you are

interviewing says something that is EITHER a bald-faced LIE or an example of their amazing IGNORANCE you simply immediately ask them which it is?

"Are you lying to us or are you THAT ignorant?"

Rep. Miller-Meeks' recent statement that we've known for a year that "children don't spread covid" is just one example of when that question would have been cheered by thousands of viewers.


I defy you to dream up something so transparently stupid, nauseatingly cruel and

shamelessly vulgar that it would be beneath the Qanon-stopthesteal-Trumpists now rampaging across social media and a handful of bastardized TV stations.

Spoiler: it can't be done.

I am sure my list omits some of your "favorites", but the following are the Top Three Profoundly

Stupid Republicans in my opinion:

Louie Gohmert, Marjorie Taylor-Greene and, of course, Ron Johnson.

This is not intended to list the most hated, most evil or most infuriating, though some of these would make at least "dishonorable mention" in all those categories.

""Profoundly Stupid" is the standard considered here.

Nearly every unvaccinated person who died of covid said this before they tested positive:

"It won't touch me".

"A wise man can change his mind. A fool never will". My Dad, a wise man despite never

graduating high school ( he joined the Marines at 17 after Pearl Harbor ), taught me that as a child. The saying has recurred to me often recently in the context of this Delta covid variant surge.

Months ago, people were barraged 24/7 with "leaders" calling covid a hoax, equating it with the flu and ridiculing the "liberal cowards" who were rightly concerned about it. Wearing a mask into a store in my area drew stares and glares from people who shook their heads and mumbled as you passed. But now reality is beginning to seep into their minds.

They are hearing some of the "leaders" who once pooh-poohed the "China virus" now solemnly urging them to get vaccinated.

They are hearing noted doctors and epidemiologists tell them flatly: "If you're not vaccinated, you are going to get Delta. Delta will find you. You can't hide!!"

BUT,-----many of these fools still refuse to be vaccinated because their "egos" will not allow them to change their minds; will not allow them to admit they were wrong, tragically wrong. Many will die.

I wish I did not love some of them.
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