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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 15,124

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Is it possible that scientific facts are the anti-vaxxers "kryptonite"? If so, would it be

cruel to swear a tee shirt with the periodic table on it?

How about one with an illustration of the Pythagorean Theorem?

Do you enjoy Kipling? "IF"-----

IF you can comb and dye your hair
An orange quite extraordinaire
IF pictures of your wife quite bare
Don't bother you 'cause you don't care

IF kids in cages seem okay
Or you can golf while children die
Or abandon those who just won't play
Your game or parrot your Big Lie

IF you can talk with crowds and feed 'em bullshit
Or sleep with porn stars while your wife's alone
IF your response to problems is to pull shit
'Cause the that's the only talent that you own

IF you can pass each fleeting hour and day
Thinking up new ways to tell a lie
Your name is one no one will ever say
You'll be known as just "that goddam former guy"!

Trump's solution to skyrocketing positive covid cases was "Stop testing!"

DeSantis' solution to a drastic spike of school kids in quarantine is "Stop quarantining!"


"And it came to pass after four of the longest years since the continents rose from the sea

that Josephus of Scranton was borne upon the shoulders of the People and carried to the Seat of Power. From that place he could clearly see that the Prior Dude had grifted a great grift and left the People without dignity or pride.

'Enough of this Malarkey!' spake Josephus and before the first night stole across the land he had launched 'Operation Uncluster'.

Acolytes of the Prior Dude were driven out of the Seat of Power and into the Desert of Unemployed Deplorables as members of the tribe of Decent Patriots took their places. People were made well and once again hope flushed their cheeks and quickened their step. "The future" was again spoken of as husbands and wives drank wine and even occasionally smiled.

Josephus' successes were resented by the 'Prior Dude' and the gaggle of Philistines who were still willing to sacrifice themselves on his altar. And, they tried mightily to unseat him but the People spoke as one and thundered 'Pound Sand!' Josephus just smiled that smile.

And, though all was never to be 'milk and honey' again, it would be fairer and a place where truth was once again welcome."

---an excerpt from "The Book of Atticus". (NOT!)

Several years ago in Florida, a Christian Scientist couple was convicted of 3rd degree murder

after their young daughter died. The girl's death was due to juvenile diabetes and a single shot of insulin would have saved her life. But, that shot was not obtained because the parents believed that the prayer of a Christian Scientist "practitioner" was better.

Failure to provide a simple and safe injection that could have saved the child's life was the basis for a jury finding the parents guilty of murder.

Further comment isn't really necessary, is it?

Over the past several years, I have used several different terms to refer to those who STILL

support Trump.

I've called them Trumpies, cultists, the Dark Side, knuckle-draggers, Kool Aid drinkers and fascists. None of them really seemed to have the visceral impact I thought appropriate for these aberrant specimens. One alternative term has been lurking out beyond the boundary of "civil discourse" for a few years and I have now decided to use it and just not be burdened by the "nice" standard any longer.

These people are nazis, plain and simple. Small "n"since I understand that the capital "N" type were incomparably more despicable. But, "nazi" does have that nasty punch-in-the-gut to-hell-with-Godwin effect that these beings so richly deserve.

They're nazis and saying so feels right to me.

As someone who is immunocompromised and 72 years old, I would very much like to know

how Texas Governor Abbot qualified for his 3rd covid vaccine shot, since I can't yet get one.

Is he even immunocompromised? Or is he just more important than ordinary folks?

Could someone who plays a journalist on TV maybe ask about this?

If there are truly still any people so mind-numbingly ignorant as to insist that "both parties are

the same", I have a challenge for them.

Please name the Democrats who are the moral equivalents to Taylor-Greene, Gaetz, Cruz, Boebert, Jordan, Gosar, Nunes or, their "leaders", McCarthy and McConnel.

If you are shameless enough to respond, add your name to the list.

Just because your child has never burned your house down before is no reason

to allow or encourage them to play with matches.

Send them to school wearing a properly fitted mask!

I have just one reason to watch cable TV, and it's not to get informed.

I watch ONLY to see just how badly the whoremonger "journalists", Trump cultists and spineless mewling embarrassments from my party are willing to slant their "news commentaries" to damage Joe Biden.

It is probably best that we are again self-isolating and having very little contact in our community. If someone screamed some of the biased nonsense at me in person, I'm not sure I could be civil. Then again, such a confrontation might be cathartic.
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