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Rachel just explained in detail something I had read just a little about recently but had never

fully understood.

The rapid collapse of the Afghanistan Army did not "just happen"; it was the result of negotiated surrenders or abandonments of posts.

When Trump and Pompeo cut their deal with the Taliban in Doha in February of 2020, they promised that the US military would leave Afghanistan in May of 2021. According to several Afghanistan Army officers, negotiations with the Taliban began in small villages and steadily expanded to districts, cities and regions. Essentially, the large majority of Afghan military personnel had already agreed to lay down their arms by the time President Biden withdrew the small 2500 man force Trump left in Afghanistan.

It was a "done deal"; signed and sealed between the Afghan Army and the Taliban as soon as Trump, the "Great Negotiator", in February of 2020, bound the United States to depart in May of this year.

This needs to be repeated a dozen times a day by any journalist worthy of the title and every GOP 2022 candidate should be asked to comment about it.

Which speech did you hear?

I had no idea there were apparently two different Presidential addresses being simultaneously broadcast this afternoon---until I heard Jake Tapper and his panel comment on the speech THEY heard.

Theirs did not feature President Biden taking responsibility for the chaotic scenes we're seeing on TV. Mine had Joe admitting that the Taliban takeover had taken place much quicker than he anticipated and said---QUOTE: "I'm the President of the United States. The buck stops here!"

Theirs did not explain how or why this mess occurred. Mine did explain that the Afghanistan leaders and military did zilch to prepare for this possibility despite being urged, by Joe---twice---to do so AND that many of the allies we are now scuffling to rescue resisted our effort to evacuate them months ago.

Theirs was apparently a weak and vague attempt to excuse a failure. Mine was a blockbuster of a speech by a President who specifically said his decision was right for our country and he "absolutely" stood by it.

Finally, I thought one of Joe's best lines was when he asked (paraphrase) "How many more generations of American men and women would you have me send to risk their lives in a civil war the Afghanis would not fight themselves?" I guess "their" speech did not include that question because they did not even attempt to answer it.

Which speech did you hear?

Saying "Jesus Christ! I ain't gettin' no God damned vaccination!" does not amount to a

"religious exemption".

Just so ya' know.

The extremists who sent government leaders fleeing after Trump praised them are terrorist thugs.

Let's hope the Select Committee will deal with them appropriately.

As we are subjected to a parade of former Trump regime functionaries who have been

lured out from under their rocks by TV face time, let's just flatly reject their premise that ANYTHING Trump did was decent or honorable or patriotic or competent.

They are already trying desperately to justify their "service" to Trump by explaining that HE is in no way responsible for Afghanistan and HE would not have "abandoned our allies" and HE----yada-yada-yada. If people rightly consider the Trump years as the open wound on our nation's history that it will always be, these Trump disciples cannot pretend to be anything but the whores they are.

Let's not make the mistake of even considering their attempts to rewrite history.

Could we just put a cork in all the negativity? No one here "knows" how the American people will

feel about the withdrawal from Afghanistan come November of '22, but that hasn't stopped several from predicting a widespread electoral defeat.

Currently, 77% of those polled actually approve of what President Biden is doing. Yes, that may change but those who are confidently predicting that it will may well be voicing a self-fulfilling prophesy. The mere fact that some of us who, as I said, are talking about how "Americans don't like being humiliated" without really knowing if humiliation is being felt may foster the assumption that there is something about which we should feel humiliated.

The Republicans criticizing our President for withdrawing now are the same ones who criticized him for NOT withdrawing on May 1st when Trump had agreed to leave Afghanistan. 5000 of the Taliban fighters now sweeping into power were released from prison pursuant to "the Great Negotiator's" deal with the Taliban. President Biden inherited an Afghanistan situation that had only two possible ways to proceed: invest more billions and more US military lives and "kick the can down the road" OR exit as Trump had promised to do. One alternative was bad; the other was worse.

I support his decision and urge others to do so. Blaming Joe for the failure of the Afghani army to fight and beginning to mourn our losses in '22 only helps the fascist bastards who are responsible for most of this 20 year long clusterfuck.

To those who insist leaving Afghanistan is a "terrible blunder", I would ask of them

what a young John Kerry asked about Viet Nam: "How do you ask a man to be the last man to die in AFGHANISTAN? How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake? ― John Kerry.

I support President Biden.

In our battle against those who refuse vaccinations, the name of our greatest ally is


With apologies to Sammy Davis, Jr.----"The Pillow man"

Who can take pure nonsense (who can take pure nonsense)
Show it on a screen (show it on a screen)
Splatter it with bullshit like we've never seen?

The Pillow Man (the Pillow Man)
Oh, the Pillow Man can (the Pillow Man can)
The Pillow Man can 'cause he doesn't give a damn
And he's not wrapped too tight!

Kudos are in order for Trump, DeSantis and Abbot.

Despite the fact that the United States spends more on medical care, has the best doctors and extremely effective vaccines available in every community at no cost, these three have managed to earn the nation the new distinction of having the highest rate of covid cases in the entire world.

Texas and Florida now account for 40% of all new cases in the country.

So, congratulations, guys! Together you have killed more Americans than anyone thought possible and that type of ruthlessness just thrills your cult's base!
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