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Yes, the Cuomo scandal is disturbing; yes, the latest ignorant spew by ( fill in a Trumpie's name )

is outrageous and disgusting; and, yes, it looks like MAYBE we'll pass some sort of infrastructure bill, BUT-----

the fascist assholes who inspired, planned, allowed and financed the sedition, the insurrection, the ATTEMPTED COUP on January 6th are, as I type this, planning the NEXT attempt to kill our democracy! "Republicans" in 30 or so states are planning to "legally" override the next election vote count and install Trump or---even worse---someone just as immoral, but competent.

Make no mistake: if these statesmen had had the laws they now have on their books last fall, DONALD TRUMP WOULD BE IN POWER!

Only one thing can possibly prevent the Trumpie stormtroopers-in-ties from seizing power in 2024 ( or sooner ): a federal statute regulating federal elections in ALL states.

Flush the damned filibuster and pass one! Until we do, the rest is just filling time before we become an "official" fascist nation.

If you might be interested in buying a used Harley-Davidson, wait a couple of months. The annual

Sturgis get-together kicks off this weekend as the Delta surge grows exponentially.

Check the estate sales in your local newspaper starting in October. There should be some good buys.

It is trite to say that the chaos spawned by Trump and his regime is "not normal". Saying that is

also like saying that molten lava is "not cool" or that appendectomies without anesthesia are "not pleasant".

Trump and virtually everything he said and did in his four years squatting in the White House are not just "not normal"---they are outrageous and disgusting and frightening and if you are not more than "disappointed" about it you are enabling those who are even now planning the NEXT insurrection.

We are not involved with a hypothetical threat to our democracy. These are real bad people who are willing to destroy anything and anyone who stands between them and unfettered power. They do not respect the law or decency or civility. They respect strength that is willing to inflict some sort of pain on them. To them, "nice" equals "weak".

I do not know exactly where it is, but somewhere not too far ahead there's a tipping point. If we go past that point without---figuratively speaking, of course---grabbing some of these Trumpie thugs by the throat and pinning them against a wall while we hear what they have to tell us about the insurrection, we will have lost our nation. The "democratic experiment" will have failed.

Naive? Unsophisticated? Crude?


You can take a boy out of the wrong side of the tracks, but you can't take the wrong side of the tracks out of the man he becomes.

Those who will accuse me of beating a dead horse should take that horse's pulse: MANY in this

nation are no longer just impatient to see some Trumpie skins nailed to the wall; they are desperate to see that and beginning to actually question whether Trump and his disciples will in fact "get away with it". If you cannot see that such doubts about "the system" may adversely impact Democratic candidates in '22 and set the table for a "legal" theft of the White House in '24, you need to pull your head out of---where you've stuck it.

Yes, yes,---I am very much aware that "these things take time to do right", "the wheels of justice grind slowly" and so on. But, do the PTB understand that to tens of millions of Americans, such pronouncements amount to "YADA, YADA, YADA!"

This is an unprecedented existential threat to our democracy; to our way of life. Why cannot legal and Constitutional procedures be fashioned that will render justice at unprecedented speed? Much, if not most, of the evidence against Trump and company is on tape and film. Everyone reading this KNOWS in their heart of hearts that these guys were traitorous criminals.

Why have there been virtually no indictments of these despicable white collar thugs?

When will we be SHOWN that "no man is above the law"?

So, begin. Start explaining how I "don't understand" how things are done.

These "Trump cards" are all wrong!

It is true that Saddam Hussein was a REAL dictator, whereas Trump is only a wannabe, but you'd think he'd try to do better than this poor attempt.

First of all, Saddam had a FULL DECK ! We've known for years that Donny wasn't playing with a full deck, but only four puny cards without suits or values? Let me help you, twice-impeached one term White House occupant.

Saddam was the highest value card, the ace of spades. That's your honor because these are your cards. His sons were aces of diamonds and clubs, so Donny Jr and Gums should have those . The ace of hearts will do for Jared, not Ivanka. She will be the queen of spades---the "Dark Queen". Flynn, Giuliani, Sessions and Barr could be the kings, while Huckabee, Conway and Guilfoyle would serve for the other three queens.

That should be sufficient to get you on the right track, Don, m'boy. I sincerely hope my suggestions help your attempts to regain power prove just exactly as successful as Saddam's were. But, like him, you may soon reach the "end of your rope".

I am not saying that the DOJ should not investigate Phoenix. But, when I was told Garland was

on TV with an "important announcement", I immediately thought of another matter not yet addressed and my heart skipped a beat.

Gotta keep on keepin' on.

Some "basics" for the willfully ignorant, plain old stupid and disingenuous liars who comprise

the clear majority of the anti-vaxxers on social media:

---we are committed to strive for a government "of the people, by the people and for the people", NOT "of the people, by the mindless figurehead and for the elite few";

---we protect the right of the minority to be heard, but we authorize the majority to govern;

---the prevention of violent anarchy and survival of the fittest at the expense of the weak require us to curtail and regulate the rights of individuals---i.e., you are not "free" to drive on the sidewalk or on the left side of the street at whatever speed you choose;

---you are not "the People"; you are one of them;

---the MAJORITY HAS THE RIGHT, for the good of "the People", to REQUIRE that you pay taxes, educate your children, have a doctor's prescription before you use opioids---and get VACCINATED for covid or any other disease that poses a threat to our nation's citizens.

Most sane decent reasonable folks understand all the above. If you genuinely do not, you should be really pissed at those who misled you. You or someone you love may die because of those prople.

There's not one damn thing to "discuss" about whether everyone should be vaccinated

for covid and wear masks when inside or in crowds.

Not a damn thing.

Let's not pretend there is or listen to any more anti-vax "freedom" bullshit.

Get vaccinated and wear a mask or stay away from me and mine.

So, on August 21st, Trump is having a "rally" at a farm in Alabama. Will he light

the cross himself or is that "honor" being raffled off to raise more money for the grifter in chief?

Just asking: when Nina Turner says "---we didn't lose this race---evil money manipulated

and maligned this election!", is that not comparable to the guy who said "I won by a landslide" and "they rigged the election"?

Don't both say "the winner did not win" and "the electoral process is corrupt and unreliable"?

Don't both corrode and weaken democracy?

Who does that benefit?
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