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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 15,124

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After Gohmert and Bachman and Palin, etc., etc., I know this is a big category, but

has there ever been a more profoundly stupid Republican candidate than Herschel Walker?

Geez, Louise! He couldn't poor piss out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel!

A few days ago, I expressed my concern that Judge Dearie might be just another

Trump "stooge". I added that I hoped my concern was proven wrong

"The jury is still out" on Judge Dearie, but I do feel more hopeful that I was wrong after his words today.

We shall see.

It would be helpful to many of us if someone with reliable information could explain what is

and what is not involved in the continued attention to the "Hunter Biden situation".

My understanding is that there is "no there there" and that there is no credible evidence of any wrongdoing by either President Biden or his son, but I have not followed the vague accusations closely.

Is this just more right-wing bs or not?

Thanks to any who can respond with the facts.

If you and I surreptitiously entered a business, rummaged through thei records and stole some

of their information and the entire several hour escapade was captured on video now available to law enforcement, do you think we might be arrested and charged with several crimes?

Folks, the above hypothetical describes almost exactly what Republican "fake electors" did in Coffee County, Georgia in an effort to overturn Biden's win of that state in the 2020 election. According to one of them, they "copied every freakin' ballot" cast in that county in the 2020 election.

All are identified Trump operatives.

To my knowledge, none are in custody, none have been arrested and none have been charged with a crime.

Have a wonderful day.

This is one of those days when it just seems like the bad guys are getting away with the

dismantling if our democracy and the good guys are continuing to be "the adults in the room" while it all happens.


To all the Tatas and Nanas who financially supported Trump and now don't know how they will

pay the rent or mortgage, meet the copay requirements for their prescriptions or put a little something under the tree this Christmas for those grandkids, DON'T FEEL BAD! At least he's putting your contributions to good use!

He just spent THREE MILLION DOLLARS to hire a hotshot attorney whose office you could not get into to TRY to keep his skanky ass out of prison even though he's a thief, a traitor, a liar and an insurrectionist!

Find a newspaper clipping about that and put a copy in each grandkid's stocking, OK?

They'll be proud of you, don't you think?

Within 24 hours, Trump and Mastriano had "rallies" where panting screaming supporters saluted

them with arms raised up and forward in a manner we all recognize from those old grainy black and white newsreels made in Germany in the early 40s.


Is there really anything else the "decent" Republicans and independents need to know?

A bit 'o fiction---

A gray-haired Pennsylvania gentleman happened to encounter a red-capped Mastriano enthusiast fresh out of a frantic rally. As the old man veered to the right side of the walk in order to pass the oncoming rallier, the red-cap raised a stiff right arm and enthusiastically demanded that he "put his right hand in the air". The elder stopped and calmly surveyed the loudmouth.

"My daddy helped defeat a whole lot of people who saluted a politician like that" the graying man softly began. "If I EVER see you give that salute again," he continued, "they'll have to take us both to the hospital in the same ambulance!"

"Why? Why both in the same ambulance?" the Mastriano fan asked confusedly.

"Because" the old man said, stepping closer to the guy, "my right leg's gonna be knee-deep in your ass!"

The nazi-wannabe shuffled away, mumbling to himself.

WANTED: the most scurrilous, shocking, embarrassing and despicable lies about Republicans

you can concoct.

You see, after the 5th District disregarded decades of precedent ( Does that sound familiar? ) with their NetChoice v. Paxton decision, it is your RiGHT to spread such inciting filth on social media platforms and the platform CANNOT STOP YOU! Any rules or terms of service or the like just don't mean a thing any more.

( From experience, I find it necessary to say this is a sarcastic reaction to a real court decision.)

Could we stop being "nice" to the MAGAvolk?

No, they are NOT simply people with whom we disagree. They are ignorant and arrogant racists, misogynists and homophobes who want nothing more than to destroy us.

I shake my head in obvious disgust and curl my lip when I encounter a MAGA cap or a "Let's Go Brandon!" tee shirt. If the wearer wants to "have a discussion" about it I am prepared to do that.

Sorry if this offends, but piss on these Morlocks!
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