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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 15,124

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"Imagine (You're Convicted)"--- for tfg---with apologies to John

I imagine you're convicted
And prison's where you'll die
Bound for hell below us
Where forever you will fry

Imagine all the people
Dancing in the street

Imagine no hair stylist
No orange putty for your face
No shield lifts to grow you
No rallies any place

Imagine all the people
Delirious with joy

You may say I'm a snowflake
But I'm not the only one
We're all laughing "cause it's time to
Stick a fork in you: YOU'RE DONE!

Republicans should track down this person named "N. E. Wunnelse" because he or she is

who millions in their party prefer when asked if Trump should run in 2024.

If a candidate for public office insisted that condoms contained "baby seeds", cats were the advance

scouts of space aliens planning to invade earth and world sea levels were dropping, would you even consider voting for them?

Know this: there are dozens of current Republican candidates who will be on ballots this November who have made claims no less outrageously

stupid than those three.

SOME will be elected.

Strap in, folks.

Just a reminder--- each time you watch video of the thugs who savagely beat, impaled,

bear-sprayed, tased, crushed and otherwise attempted to kill the law enforcement officers guarding the Capitol on January 6th, THESE ARE THE CRIMINAL FOOLS TRUMP INTENDS TO GIVE A FULL PARDON AND AN APOLOGY!

"A Whiter Shade of Fail"----with apologies to Procol Harum

They skipped the Constitution
And befouled the marble floor
TV coverage made me sick
The crowd called out for more
The mob was pressing harder
The police were held at bay
When the Capitol cried out "Help us!"
The White House turned away

And so it was that later
Stephen Miller told his tale
And Trump's face, at first just pasty,
Turned a whiter shade of fail.

Will Trump's official portrait be a front and side head shot with a

line of numbers at the bottom of each view?

Asking for a lot of friends.

Saying "I don't know" is not admitting stupidity; it is usually just being honest.

Some folks apparently feel that they should have an answer to every question; a solution to every problem. They seldom preface their statements with "I don't really know, but I think---" or even "In my opinion---". They make what sound like statements of fact.

Unless they were on the golf course the other day with Trump and his crew, darn few people know what the apparent meeting on the links was about. Yet, you could read posts here claiming that it was a nefarious mob meeting planning all sorts of dirty deeds AND you could read counter-posts stating that the get-together was an innocent planning session about alterations to the course.

I have suspicions and an opinion about that meeting, but I can't tell you "what it was about" because I don't know.

Loyalty to a mean greedy ignorant maniac is not a virtue; it is idiotic craven toadyism.

Too often I have heard political commentators waste time marveling at the undeserved "loyalty" the Trump cult ass-kissers show toward tfg.

Supporting someone like Trump in the hope that that will spare you his vindictive wrath is not "loyalty"; that is terror.

Supporting someone like Trump in the hope that he will reward you with wealth or power is not "loyalty"; that is prostitution.

True loyalty, in my personal dictionary, is motivated by respect and love. You are said to be "loyal" to a person for whom you have these feelings. when they can count on you, come what may.

And neither threats nor rewards have anything to do with it.

"Loyalty" is a noble word and should not be used to describe cowards or whores.

Lend me your imagination for a few seconds, ok? I know it's hard, but suppose you were a


Would you be any smarter?

Would you suddenly acquire special insights about all sorts of issues that others should listen to?

Who gives a big brown rat's ass about what the estimable Mr. Thiel has to say about ANYTHING?

Decades ago, I heard the story of a beat cop encountering a man on his hands and knees

under a streetlight apparently looking for something.

"What's up?" the cop asked. "Lookin' for somethin'?"

"My---hic!--- car keys" the obviously inebriated man replied.

After joining the search for a few minutes, the cop inquired "Are ya sure this is where ya dropped 'em?"

"Nah," the man answered, "I dropped 'em ---hic! --- over there by my ---hic!--- car", pointing to a red sedan in the darkened middle of the block.

The cop straightened up, scratched his head and asked "If ya dropped your keys over there,---pointing---why ya lookin' for 'em here?"

"Simple!" the drunk responded, somewhat condescendingly, "the light's much better here!"

Somewhere in that tale is an analogy to how MAGAvolk decide who gets their vote, but I'll leave that to wiser folks.
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