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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 15,124

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As I approach the far edge of my life

I do not---am not meant to---know
if my stepping off point lies just 'round that next bend
or beyond some distant hill.

Though I am certain that my beginning
is much more distant than my end,
I am ignorant as to whether there really is an end
---or maybe just another beginning.

Either way, I'd best use my now wisely
and leave no one I love untold.

So, where are the photos of all the Ukrainian "Nazis" Putin killed or captured? nt

Why, yes, I AM a Trump-hater. Why do you say that like it's a bad thing?

"Hate" is simply an intense or passionate dislike and I assure you my dislike of the one term twice-impeached failed insurrectionist loser is very intense and passionate.

I have similar feelings about Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Xi, Adolph Hitler, Pol Pot and others, but none of them is currently leading the effort to destroy America from within. Decent folks intensely and passionately dislike such monsters.

So, call me a "Trump-hater" and I just might bust out my Elvis impersonation and respond "Thangyoo, thangyoo verra much!"

Sorry---guess I'm a blue-nosed dinosaur.

I have just watched a man discussing his bent "manhood", a woman discussing the smell of her "crotch", a man discussing his dog's "good quality poops" and a cartoon about a bowel movement that feels like "squeezing out a pineapple or two".

I am not so much offended as I am disgusted.

Brunch, anyone?

Which position did Cannon apply for with her obscene "Special Master" decision:

Trump's Attorney General or a possible SCOTUS seat if he were to be re-elected?

As someone who planted his first fruit trees over 40 years ago, I feel qualified to

analogize the painful pruning process that is necessary for a tree to be productive to what needs to be done with our Congress and our Supreme Court.

Limbs that are broken or diseased are the most obvious ones to be cut away. But, it is also necessary that limbs be removed that are simply going in the wrong direction or at a bad angle. And a limb doing injury to another has to go.

If these tried and true practices were applied as ruthlessly as a good orchardist wields his shears, we'd prune away every Representative and Senator who voted to overturn the 2020 election of President Biden AND we'd have at least three SCOTUS seats to fill.

Believe it or not, novice pruners are often urged to "Be bold! What you cut away will make the tree thrive."

I dare say that had any of those who post here---including the many unquestionably decent and

intellectually gifted contributors---publicly admitted to the type of national security endangering felonies Trump has, we'd be trying to raise thei bail with a GoFundMe account

Aileen Cannon is just ONE of the ridiculously unqualified "judges" appointed by tfg.

Unfortunately, there are numerous others who are just as incompetent, inexperienced, transparently partisan and profoundly stupid as this twit. They have tainted and discredited the judiciary from the magistrates up to and including the SCOTUS.

For four years, the primary requirement for appointment to a federal judgeship was a willingness to support tfg's nonsense du jour.

Surely some of them---in addition to "judge" Cannon--- have committed impeachable offenses.

A bit of career advice for the Trump attorneys:

practice saying "Would you like fries with that?"

It never ceases to amaze me how an OP urging tolerance can be used as an

excuse to be intolerant.

Yesterday, I posted what I thought was a low-key request that "those who choose to profess a religion" not try to force others to adopt their faith. I made it clear that, as far as I was concerned, they could believe whatever they chose to believe as long as they let others make their own decisions as to what faith, if any, they chose to follow.

Some decided, however, to post nasty disparaging remarks about those who chose any religious belief.

Can they not see that they are being just as narrow-minded and intolerant as those who insist we follow THEIR "one true faith"?

Is intolerance of the "other" not one of the characteristics of the party we oppose?

Just---"Let It Be".

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