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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 15,124

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To those who choose to profess a religion, that's fine. I have no problem with you believing

whatever it is you choose to believe, but please understand: your FAITH is, by definition, what you "believe", not what you can prove.

And, though you may choose to live your life as though your beliefs are facts, they are not. Please do not insist---or even expect---that the rest of us will live our lives in conformance with the tenets of your religious convictions.

All this just amounts to giving us the same type of respect you'd like for us to give you.

That sounds a little like that "Golden Rule", doesn't it?

To paraphrase the inestimable Hawkeye Pierce, "the instrument has yet to be invented that could

measure how profoundly and transparently stupid, incompetent and---dare I say--- PARTISAN "judge" Cannon's opinion granting Trump's request for a Special Master was!"

Much has been written about this by folks more qualified than I am, but it does not require a Brandeis to understand that when a judge grants relief favorable to a petitioner above and beyond what he asked for, that judge has an agenda. To call Cannon's recitation of "facts, "reasoning" and deference to the former defeated twice-impeached POTUS "inappropriate" is akin to calling stage four cancer a "troubling" diagnosis.

The LEAST that she deserves is impeachment and disbarment. In my opinion, prosecution for obstruction of justice should be considered.

"Judge" Cannon is to jurisprudence what Don Knotts was to powerlifting. nt

So far, Herschel Walker's most notable accomplishment has been making

Louie Gohmert sound like Stephen Hawking.

Yo, Mr. Trump! I hear your looking for a "special" Special Master, amiright ?

Sir, I am your man.

While it is true I may not be a licensed attorney, never went to law school and have never been in a courtroom except for a few totally bogus DUI charges, I do have a lot of "legal experience".

I have watched virtually every episode of "Law and Order", most of the old "Perry Mason" shows and even a few hours of "The Defenders". On top of that, I have done LOTS of internet research on numerous patriotic websites these past several weeks and I am sure I know more than those Harvard and Yale elitists who invaded even Melania's privacy and rummaged through her panties!

There is NO QUESTION that you were ABSOLUTELY ENTITLED to take those declassified documents with you when you were wrongfully evicted from YOUR White House. Get me appointed to this Special Master gig and I'll straighten out these "woke" socialists real quick!

P.S.: I have my own laptop.

I was taught the Golden Rule, but today I am tempted to obey the "pyrite rule":

"Do unto others AS THEY DO UNTO YOU"!

So, I will step away for today. The obviously nonsensical and shamelessly Trump-worshipping opinion of "judge" Cannon, released on a national holiday, is beyond my ability to accept in a civil manner.


September---the rhythmic rasping of countless cicadas swells across the earlier evening twilight

and it seems that by just closing my eyes I can instantly recall the smells of brand new blue jeans, high-top Keds, white library paste and that pink sweeping compound that kept the grade school floors spic 'n span.

Those memories still reach me across the 65-plus years that have passed since they were inscribed upon my brain. All of the adults who were a part of that time are dead. Many of my classmates are.

But, just as cicada song lets me smell those smells, it also permits me to once again see those faces as they were then and I realize that I missed my chance to tell them---that I loved them one and all.

I just did not realize it then.

I'm trying to do better now.

I have an alternative for the Trumpies who can't afford to travel to his rallies.

Just "pop the top" on a local septic tank and hop in.

The only difference is the tank probably smells better.

Hypocrisy, thy name is "MAGA".

The same people storming small-town libraries because some books contain what they consider "obscenity" enthusiastically cheer the obscenity of Trump's dangling "full pardons and apologies" to already-convicted J6 insurrectionists.

We are teetering on the edge of the abyss.

Expecting facts and reason to persuade a MAGA Republican is akin to expecting a rabid dog

to be cured by petting it.

Both undertakings are as dangerous as they are useless.
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