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There are only two people I can think of whose photos cause me to wince when I suddenly

encounter them on the internet or TV: Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor-Greene.

This is not a simple attack on their physical appearance. Those photos slap me in the face with the simple-minded evil they so proudly flaunt. My lip curls, my eyes narrow and I am reasonably sure my blood pressure surges upward in what I guess is a sort of instinctive "fight or flight" reaction.

I choose to fight.

Remember "A noun, a verb and 911"?

Apparently, today the MAGA formula for any public utterance is "A noun, a verb and EITHER "woke", "weaponization" or BOTH.

It seems to me that as many as a quarter of those now in Congress actively took part

in the J6 Insurrection and should, therefore, be barred from holding ANY public office.

It also seems to me that no more than a handful are in any actual legal jeopardy.

Will this wound scab over and heal or fester until it destroys any pretense of "no man is above the law"?

Overheard last week at Mar-A-Lago:

I am really looking forward to my next rally in Whacko, Texas!

Uh, sir---that's not the way that-------

Whacko, Texas! Is that a great name or what?

But,--- Mr. President, sir, it's pronounced------

There MUST be gazillions of my kinda folks in a place they named "Whacko", don't ya think?

Uh, ---- Mr. Trump, --- sir,----------------------------------------YESSIR, MR PRESIDENT! It's bound to be a GREAT rally! Probably break another attendance record! Yessir, --- it's----- gonna be----"special" to be sure.

"Why should I give a big brown rat's ass what this person says?"

I respectfully suggest that this is what we should be asking ourselves---and "journalists"--- several times each day.

Whether featured by cable networks desperate to fill 24 hours of air time or RWNJ interrnet whores desperate to generate clicks, some of the "opinions" voiced by the flickering visages on a variety of screens have but one appropriate response: "WTF?"




Many more, including, of course, Trump?

I am just saying that many of us at least somewhat credit what we hear on TV as significant simply BECAUSE "it was on TV". Maybe our reaction should often be "Pffft! Next---!"

ADDENDUM: Feel free to ask "Why should I give a big brown rat's ass what Atticus says?"

Memo to MAGAnauts from MAGA CENTRAL: the "woke" jig is up. The damn Soros-funded deep

state Democrats have televised vids of a whole passel of us just mumbling incoherently when asked to define "woke", so we're directing you to immediately abandon that term.

From now on, refer to Democrats and their policies as "crisp", as in "It was crispness that ruined SVB!" or "Crisp books have no place in school libraries or reading lists!"

If asked what this new term means, simply say "That's obvious to REAL Americans!" and end the interview or conversation.

Just heard Sen. Rounds of S. Dakota say that "clearly" Trump's spew about being arrested

Tuesday was "simply following leaks" from the DA's office which "should not have occurred".

WHAT "LEAKS"? Who? What? When?------questions ol' Chuck Todd COULD have asked.

If you want to know when Trump gets arrested---IF he gets indicted----

ask someone else because, like everyone else not named "Bragg", I DON'T KNOW.

So far, the only "person" who's said Trump "will be arrested Tuesday" is Donald J. Trump. And,---- how many verified lies has he told? How many tens of thousands?

Did he "build the wall"? Did Mexico pay for anything? Did he---oh, hell, what's the use?

I assume that Trump saying something, without multiple objective other corroborating sources, means absolutely nothing. If it turns out to be true, it was either an accident or it was somehow better than any lie he could come up with.

A sincere plea---

---do NOT let Trump's veiled threats or the mock belligerence of his putrid base intimidate you!

Do not let these thugs silence the righteous voices of reason and decency, one of which should be yours!

Speak out! Don't miss any opportunity to counter the vile flood of nonsense we know is about to be released!

Everyone influences someone. Let them know how YOU feel!

Whenever I hear someone on TV say that Trump is "shrewd" or "crafty" or "extremely talented"

about generating publicity, I reflexively roll my eyes.

The man is not "shrewd, etc."--- he is vicious, shameless and outrageously despicable. Pair that with a shallow, lazy and cowardly media and "shrewd" is what "plops out". (visuals intended)
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