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"We won't tax you! We won't tax me! We'll tax that feller behind the tree!"

That little bit of rhyme was, I believe, attributed to LBJ. He was a TRUE master of the deal and often went about it by doing his best to make getting his way seem painless to his opponents. But he DID understand and acknowledge that even the best proposed undertakings would not get off the ground if you could not explain how they would be funded.

I am a liberal. I doubt you can name a progressive policy proposal---from Medicare for All to a $15 minimum wage to the Equal Rights Amendment---that I do not wholeheartedly support. I'm sure I could make up a "wish list" of a couple dozen proposals that, in my opinion, would make this nation---and the world---a better place. So, would I support a candidate who would look at my list and "promise" to enact it all? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

That candidate would be insulting my intelligence. His or her "explanation" as to where the money for all these wonderful programs would come from would be either vague nonsense or super-complicated formulas made up to obfuscate rather than explain.

I'd rather hear the simple truth. "Here's what I believe and here are my priorities. I believe we MUST accomplish X and, once that's done, my priorities will be Y, Z and maybe A. I would increase these taxes, cut these expenditures and persuade private investment to reduce taxpayer burden."

Unicorn salesmen do not deserve our support.

When is Trump supposed to speak today? I thought I heard it was to be about impeachment. nt

Mr. Kornacki, please be quiet. Just stop talking and---go away. Please. nt

"---I------am Spartacus!" nt

Chuck Schumer just gave what may have been the best speech of his career. Excellent! nt

Before Speaker Pelosi ripped it in half, the last time I'd seen Trump's SOTU speech it was

stuck to the bottom of his foot as he was boarding Air Force One.

She should definitely scrub her hands thoroughly.

A tip for Senate Republicans: your heads were not meant go be used as suppositories because

like they say "Shit happens!"

So, is it working?

Trump let Ukrainians die and used $400 million dollars in an effort to extort a smear of Joe Biden.

Republicans used the impeachment trial to drag the Biden name through their un-sourced mud.

Some state GOP operatives are actively supporting Biden's strongest opponent.

Republican senators continue to threaten investigations to "get to the bottom of" the non-existent Biden "corruption".

Though very little effort has been made to corroborate this, does anyone doubt that the internet is crawling with pro-Trump/anti-Biden propaganda?

Trump himself slanders Biden and props up Bernie.

So, again, is it working? Everyone OK with this?

So, Trump had "identifiable mistruths" in his speech, did he? That's what I just heard on MSNBC.

"Identifiable mistruths"--------please turn on the RANT LIGHT

Is there some problem with calling a goddam lie a goddam lie?

Is Trump a goddam "mistruther" or is he a goddam liar?

This type of namby-pamby crap just really pisses me off. Why not say "Gee, Mr. President, sir, I'm really sorry to even mention it, but I think it is just possible that you may have---inadvertently, I'm sure---uttered something that is factually incorrect."

If you have a problem calling a lie a lie, please stop pretending to be journalists as and get your sorry ass off my TV!

Gloves on the floor, the "line" way behind me---let's "comment" on the POS in the White House

in the same manner he comments on anyone who refuses to kiss his--------ring.

I have heard that he has a full time hairdresser who spends between two and three hours a morning--- usually starting at 3:00 a.m.---to layer and weave hair from the back and sides of his head into a glued-together orange/blond/gray hat. I don't know if that's true, but lots of people---fine Americans!---seem to think it is.

I understand that, rather than being six foot three and 239 pounds---like he's repeatedly claimed--- he is barely over six feet tall and tops the scales at between 275 and 285, depending on his Big Mac consumption in a given week. He is chronically constipated and can drop as much as 7 or 8 pounds when he finally--- you know.

He dislikes being photographed from the side as it reveals his perpetual forward lean due to the two inch lifts in the heels of his shoes.

His ignorance---about nearly everything---borders on unbelievable. He not only thinks Frederick Douglas is still with us and Kansas City is in Kansas, when he visited the Wailing Wall in Israel, he asked if he should bring a harpoon!

The man has been technically insolvent for decades. If not for under the table "loans" from interests in Russia, Israel and who the hell knows where else plus his "commissions" from money laundering, he'd be at a stoplight in the Bronx with a bucket and a squeegee.

He's paid for more abortions than Epstein did.

What ever happened with that lawsuit by the woman who claimed he raped her when she was 13 or 14?

It has been widely reported that the UPS guy who delivers his monthly Adderall prescription makes two trips into the White House with a hand truck.

He's too obese to tie his own shoes and has aides do it for him. It is a chore they hate since they never know when they'll hear a whispered "While you're down there----".

These are just a few of the things "lots of people are saying" about the smelly hairball in the Oval Office. But, I have no proof for most of it, so don't repeat any if it, OK?

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