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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 14,985

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Trump supporters need never fear being attacked by hungry zombies.

Those creatures only eat brains, so----

MEMO to Donald Trump:

Arrangements for your photo session are now being made and we assure you you will have a sitting with our photographer real soon.

Don't worry about what to wear. We'll take care of that.

Regards, America.

It is remarkable how the source of so many of the MAGA/ QANON screamers' "facts"

is MSU.

Not Michigan or Mississippi or Massachusetts State University. Not those "MSUs".

No, their "facts" come from "Making Shit Up"!

We need to reach out to the heroes among us who oppose the Trumpist MAGA cult in spite of

slanders, harassment and, yes, death threats.

Alvin Bragg, Fani Willis, Jack Smith, Jamie Raskin, Bernie Sanders---and many others including some in red communities who DARE to openly support President Biden, call MAGA liars liars and, in general, publicly ridicule the ignoramuses advocating book burning, open carry of firearms and open discrimination of women, LGBTQ folks, people of color and those of the wrong---or no---religious faith.

These folks need to know that you agree with them, support them and value their courage and sacrifice.

Send them an email. Mail them a thank you card. Give them a phone call.

They are defying dark forces we can only imagine by fighting the good fight for all of us.

If Trump and Stormy were both candidates for the presidency, what would be the biggest difference

between the two?

Stormy knows she's not qualified and I think she'd admit it.

This is a DISCUSSION board. What follows is not offered as a series of legally conclusive facts.

I am qualified only to offer my opinions about what should have already happened and what MUST now happen.

Trump should have been abandoned by the Republican Party numerous times for many reasons. Why? Because he was obviously a vulgar immoral lying sociopath and they had advertised themselves to be decent American patriots. Is that not sufficient reason?

Trump should have been convicted the first time he was impeached--- and the second time he was impeached. Each "acquittal" was transparently the result of a shamelessly corrupt Republican majority acting as "jurors". Whoever coined the phrase "a Parliament of whores" had to have had them in mind.

And, now,--- well, I don't want to attempt to explain in this brief post what should be or should already have been done. I have read much posted here by those who believe all is going well and justice will be done and by those who believe justice has been too long delayed and is likely never to be done. Frankly, I go both ways from day to day. Some proponents of each view make compelling arguments.

But, what I will say now is this: if Trump is not indicted, prosecuted, convicted, sentenced to prison time and barred from ever again holding any public office, America as we know it will cease to exist.

Please don't bother trying to explain how, even if the system works as it should, Trump may never be punished. If you will stop and think about such an "explanation" perhaps you will see that such an outcome would prove my point.

In a truly just world, Trump dies in prison.

I am SO OLD---

---I remember when "Who you gonna believe---me or your lyin' eyes?" was the punchline of a joke, not the premise of a nightly FOX program.

Hey, folks---let's not be so critical of McCarthy for not having a budget proposal.

After all, his party's entire "platform" in the last election was "Whatever Mr. Trump says", so we shouldn't expect them to actually come up with one of those "number thingies".

Poor Kev.

Dang! Looks like this will be another year in which our magnolias get "nipped in the bud"!

The buds are just beginning to show color and the temperatures will be 10 or 12 degrees below freezing both Saturday and Sunday nights.

In a past year when this happened the buds just turned brown and shrivelled off.

I wonder how the "spring peeper" frogs that were singing for 2 or 3 evenings last week will fare.

When huge crowds filled massive Tianamen Square in China, America cheered.

When millions of Poles in Gdansk shut everything down, Americans cheered.

In Paris now, we applaud the hundreds of thousands blocking streets in protest of their government's actions.

There is a synergy produced by standing among millions of people who passionately believe as you do. In days past, laws were passed, people were empowered and wars were stopped because millions in this nation were willing to be "street meat". Today, ----not so much---"That's so 20th century!"

"You better stop, children! What's that sound? EVERYBODY LOOK WHAT'S GOIN' DOWN!"
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