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I hope someone is already planning a massive march on DC this spring to protest what I expect

to be the overturn of Roe v. Wade. Covid and health permitting, I will be there.

I actually expect all six "conservatives" to vote to kill Roe after listening to the transparently "Got my mind made up, you baby-killer!" questions.

Listening to SCOTUS---Sotomayer is amazing! nt

It seems to me that today's arguments in the SCOTUS are just a part of a decades-long drive by

anti-democracy forces to "defederalize" our lives.

The long term goal, possibly now achieved, has been to take the policy decisions that effect our lives out of the spotlight and into the murky recesses of state and local governments where a minority of super-zealots---often funded by billionaires---can eliminate over a half century of progress and impose their mean-spirited bought-and-paid-for "laws" on the majority. Most of us have lives and cannot take the time to attend every local board meeting and watch our officials like hawks. We SHOULD be able to at least assume that our elected officials are acting in good faith and that expectation should not be considered "quaint".

In our states, our counties, towns and villages---ON OUR SCHOOL BOARDS, for crying out loud---super-zealots cannot be "reasoned with". They cannot be "persuaded" to suddenly become decent human beings.

They must be expelled from our government and---at least---shunned by our society.

I think it quite possible that the Chief Justice will vote with the three Democrats to preserve ROE.

Is there any reasonable chance that one of the Trump appointees---each of which agreed that ROE v WADE was "settled law"---may join him and save ROE?

Meadows has agreed to cooperate---NOT!

His attorney's statement makes it clear that he does not intend to---paraphrasing---"violate executive privilege or the longstanding position that senior presidential aides cannot be compelled to testify before Congress".

He may provide some scraps of paper that mean nothing and he may show up to 'splain why he cannot answer questions, but he will not "cooperate".

His ass should be put in a sling ASAP! To permit his bullshit is simply acquiescing in delay in furtherance of their OBVIOUS intent to "run out the clock".

Short of physically assaulting tfg, are there really any "career enders" left for Republicans?

Is there anything one of them could do or say that would be so immoral, disgusting, illegal or unAmerican that the Trump army would no longer support them?

I am at a loss to name one.

I think this is true.

I recently saw a post here or elsewhere which was in the form of a poster depicting a highway. Overlaid on the photo was bold print reading: "The road to fascism is lined with people saying 'You're overreacting!' "

Maybe they should read "It Can't Happen Here".

We all understand that no matter how many times you call an apple a banana, it will not

change its color, shape or flavor.

Why can't we understand that no matter how many times you call Republican bullshit merely "another opinion" or a "different viewpoint", the smell never changes and we should never swallow it?

There is no need to "discuss" Ronnie Jackson's claim that Democrats " invented" the omicron variant---that's bullshit!

There is no need to "discuss" whether or not Boebert's implication that Rep. Omar might be a suicide bomber was a ignorant racism. Any suggestion that it is not is bullshit!

There is no need to "discuss" the whiny claims that the last election was "stolen". Those are BULLSHIT!

Could the TV commentators who hear their "conservative" guests try to conflate bullshit with a "reasonable difference of opinion" PLEASE call them on it even if it gives them a sad?

(Yes, I know "some" do. But, I've heard two who did not so far today.)

It might be helpful for us to make a list of all the things that were on our "gotta do" list when

President Biden was inaugurated.

I'll start with our need to cleanse the federal judiciary of most of Trump's appointees which were rubber-stamped by McConnell's Senate, including Kavanaugh. Some of these Trump ass-kissers are profoundly stupid and many are pledged to greenlight the RWNJ agenda.

They need to go!

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