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Member since: 2002
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Has Trump been arrested yet? nt

As "aides to aides" continue to speak voluntarily with the January 6th Committee,

Trump may soon come to realize how true this little verse is:

"Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em,
And little fleas have lesser fleas, and so ad infinitum."
------Augustus De Morgan

By my admittedly biased estimate, if we could deport at least 25 Rs from the Senate and a

hundred or so from the House, --- basically, the entire "houseplant caucus"--- that would increase the average IQ in the US by 17 points.

Maybe more.

Had to get out my "bird book" this morning. We had a white-winged dove on the ground beneath

our feeders. First one I've seen in my life.

Apparently originally confined to "desert thickets".

Dear Mr. Carlson:

After reading on the internet that "Tucks" are "Hemmorhoidal pads with witch hazel", I've just got to ask:

Why did your parents hate you?

Just sayin'------

----how long will it take for some poll worker who has been threatened in a "stand your ground" state to see an armed belligerent walking toward them with a firearm and pull their own legal concealed pistol out and shoot the person dead as a door nail?

Of course the poll worker felt in "imminent danger".

Play stupid games, get stupid prizes.

I went outside to scoop snow off the drive and found myself reminded of both my parents,

each for a different reason.

First, as I walked out in the bright sunlight of a brilliantly clear day, I could not help but notice the millions of tiny sparkling points in the snow as individual crystals, viewed from just the right angle, refracted the light and displayed every color in the spectrum for an instant. And, I recalled my Mom first pointing this beauty out to me as a small boy and telling me those were "God's diamonds".

Then, as I pushed the fluffy snow off the concrete drive, I realized that I was being kept warm by my Dad's blanket-lined OSHKOSH denim chore coat and his moosehide mittens with wool inserts. Dad had split a lot of wood wearing that coat and those mittens. Wearing them felt like a hug.

Thanks, Mom.

Thanks, Dad.

I was lucky to be your son.

Of the many things there are to fear these days, I think this tops my list:

that the decent people in power will allow themselves to be intimidated by Trump's calls for "protests"---read violent insurrections---if he is prosecuted and decide that "for the good of the country" we must "look forward" and "move on" WITHOUT prosecuting the orange bag o' pus.

Trump MUST be prosecuted and any violent repeat of the January 6th tactics---or worse---should be met with whatever it takes to confine and arrest the Trump thugs involved---every damn one of them. We should not just "tread on" these traitorous criminals; we should STOMP on them.

I am concerned that those who will be called upon to deal with the situations Trump has called for if we DARE prosecute him will not recognize the "protestors" as Trump's militias; his "army"; his "brownshirts".

In my view and, I believe, in the view of many, allowing Trump to go free, unprosecuted, will effectively end the two and a half centuries of our "democratic experiment" and my generation will have failed its children and grandchildren.

I have figured out why listening to Tucker Carlson is so stressful:

I can't reach him.

Those who are concerned that President Biden's decision to provide weapons to

Ukraine may "inflame the situation" remind be of an old "Family Circus" cartoon.

In it, a tearful Dolly stands before her stern-faced mother, points at Billy and cries "HE started it when he hit me back!"

I don't know what will happen at the Ukraine border, but I trust President Biden to make every effort to stand with Ukraine, stand up to Putin and somehow avoid a tragic conflict.

For context, imagine just for a moment that Trump was making the decisions. IMHO, Putin would have sacked Kyiv over a month ago and our nation would have already recognized whatever puppet Vlad had installed.
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