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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 15,124

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Inches of cleavage Kimberley Guilfoyle is showing at CPAC? Four. By sheer coincidence,

that's also her IQ.

Question: if a 15 year old named "Pat" transfers into a Florida school system claiming to be a

"she", but a parent thinks they're "too muscular for a girl", who takes them into which restroom and checks out their pee-pee?

Just askin'.

McCarthy and crew are proposing to have decisions about what should be taught in school

classrooms made by the same people who decided the covid pandemic was a hoax, covid vaccine was a dangerous substance, horse worm paste and hydroxychloroquine were safe cures, Mexico would pay for a never-built border wall and Trump is a genius who won the 2020 election by a landslide.

What could go wrong?

It is a measure of just how surreal life in America has become that we are ACTUALLY discussing

the distinct possibility that Trump may be reelected.


Are so many who walk among us THAT immoral? THAT mindless? THAT masochistic?

Plainly and simply: EVERY FBI agent who told a prosecutor they "would be more inclined to

believe Trump" should be fired. The man has told over 30,000 verified lies!

If that is the quality and extent of their judgment, decency and objectivity, who in hell needs them in any aspect of law enforcement?

Outlawing child labor; safe and sanitary on-site drinking water; overtime pay; the 40 hour

work week, sick days, vacation days, the minimum wage; OSHA; NLRB; EEOC-----------

Employers "gave" none of these to working folks. Working people and their unions obtained these benefits to all Americans by DEMANDING them and then striking even when it meant dealing with hunger, picket-line violence from corporate goons and betrayal by corrupt government

We may take those things for granted now, but didn't we also take the "settled law" of Roe v Wade for granted?

Power is never surrendered; it must be taken.

SUPPORT ORGANIZED LABOR---PERIOD! That's what the Democratic Party I grew up in always did.

As the saying goes: "If you don't have a seat at the table---you're on the menu!"

Who should be our candidate in 2024? It isn't really complicated, though some would like

to make it so: Joseph R. Biden.

Sweep away all of the fact-challenged Republican attacks and the breathless concerns being murmured by our own pearl-clutchers and what you are left with is a, yes, imperfect man who, so far, has been the most accomplished POTUS---both at home and abroad---in this Democrat's 74 years.

Yes, he will be the oldest POTUS in our history, but his years have anchored him in the real world where facts matter and America is STILL the world's best hope and his mind is sharp enough to own the GOP during his nationally televised SOTU address.

I'm still ridin' with Biden and there's room in here for everyone.

"Define 'WOKE'!"

That should be the challenge to any RWNJ mouthing the supposed one-word put-down of all "librul snowflakes".

I predict you'll see a lot of foot-shuffling and hear a lot of stammering word salad that never quite forms a complete sentence.

After a few seconds, walk away shaking your head and audibly chuckling.


HALLO? Anyone in the journalism tribe aware of what is being done with 40k+ hours of J6 security

tapes. Specifically, do any of you think that giving them to T,ucker Carlson or EVERY DAMNED ONE OF THE J6 DEFENDANTS---as some House Republicans are now pushing---just MIGHT be a bad thing?

Might get some in the Capitol killed?

Might be used to plan the NEXT insurrection?

Do you think that among that group of right wing extremists---including Tucker---there must might be a few who would APPLAUD AND JUSTIFY large-scale bloodshed next time?

At the risk of putting too fine a point on it, do any of you think this is worth some on-air indignation? Are any of you pissed off? Outraged? Frightened?

Although you "cover" this obscenity, it's with the same demeanor as when you report that this or that automobile is being recalled for faulty brake lights.

Who are you afraid of offending?

"It doesn't matter!" That's a phrase we must remember when assessing MAGA cultists.

Tell them that everyone with a pulse understands that Trump is a lying racist grifter who was willing to destroy our nation for a price and their response---and ignorant attitude---is "It doesn't matter!"

Trump's "It's a hoax!" nonsense cost at least hundreds of thousands of Americans---most of them his supporters---their lives. "It doesn't matter!"

Trump never "built the wall" and Mexico was never going to pay for one. "It doesn't matter!"

Not one shred of actual evidence has ever been presented to support Trump's insistence that the 2020 election was "stolen . "It doesn't matter!"

These people simply DO NOT CARE about facts or truth and they cannot be shamed. Time spent "reaching out" to these mindless Morlocks is totally wasted. They must be forced to go back "underground".

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