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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 15,124

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Uh---on Joy's show just now said "Trump got his pecker pulled by a porn star---and I don't mean

David Pecker, either!"

How shall I ask this---? Does anyone know what the "rules of engagement" will be if law

enforcement officers are confronted next Tuesday by Trump's thugs bearing weapons?

I'll stop with that.

Are there still some among us who believe that the Republicans in Congress or governor's

offices who STILL---as in "since yesterday"--- support and defend Trump can be "worked with"?---can be "reasoned with"?--- will ever be worthy of the trust and respect of decent Americans?

Is it not time to stop pretending "things will work out" with people who are doing all they can to destroy our government holding positions of authority within that government?

Since we can't get rid of them just by flushing, we need to defeat as many as possible in each of the next several elections and never miss an opportunity to confront, criticize, embarrass and impede them. In other words, let's take the gloves off, ok?

Tonight is the worst Rachel Maddow program I have ever begun watching. Her assessment of this

indictment as "no big deal" and comparing it to the Memendez and Blagojevich etc. prosecutions is 180 degrees "off".

Yes, it will, take longer than we'd like, but this is the FIRST POTUS to be criminally prosecuted---and not just a POTUS---the ONLY traitorous POS elected with the help of a foreign adversary who incited a violent insurrection in an effort to retain power after losing a fair election.

This is a big deal, Rachel.

I am pretty much fed up with all the "serious, responsible, patriotic" commentators on TV

sadly intoning that "We don't celebrate this indictment. This is not a happy day for America!"

The Hell you say!

I am jubilant! Overjoyed! Lifting a glass---or two---in celebration of this rank bag of pus FINALLY being charged with one of his many crimes!

I will be similarly ecstatic as the several other investigations result in legal proceedings that ruin him financially and sentence him to die in prison.

As for those who say it is terrible to prosecute a former president, Trump was, with Putin's assistance, an Oval Office squatter for four years but, for me and more than a few others, he was NEVER a legitimate POTUS.

Here's lookin' at you, kid!

TTIOTNWTPVI* former guy

*The Twice Impeached One Term Never Won The Popular Vote INDICTED former guy.

I'd heard about "a man goin' 'round takin' names". I just didn't know his name was Alvin Bragg. nt

Hope The Tokens won't mind----

He's goin' away, he's goin away, he's goin' away, he's goin' away!
He's goin' away, he's goin' away, he's goin' away, he's goin' away!

At Mar-A-Lago an hour ago
He heard the word: "Indict!"
In Palm Beach, at last in reach,
He'll get no sleep tonight!

He's goin' away, (etc.)

In New York City, it won't be pretty
He'll soon feel karma's bite!
In New York City, he'll find no pity;
He's bound to lose this fight!

He's goin' away, (etc.)

Hush, you doubters and what-abouters:
The jury said "INDICT!"
Hush, you doubters, you what-abouters!
King MAGA fell tonight!

Oh, yes, he is goin' far away!
He-e-e-e, he he is goin' far away!

Conservatives, whether still "Republicans" or right-leaning "independents, 2024 boils down to

just one simple question for you to answer: "Am I so morally bankrupt and crazy that I could vote for Trump or his ilk?"

If that's a tough question for you, most of us already know your answer.

Memo to those who insist they carry an AR-15 or have a high capacity mag for their pistol

for "self defense": who the hell do you think believes that nonsense?

I just read that most "gunfights" in which a carried weapon is used to defend the carrier last THREE seconds during which THREE shots are fired at a distance if THREE feet. That was stated by a big gun manufacturer in an article on YOUTUBE.

If that is true---and it sounds right---why do you need a 16 round pistol with a laser sight or--- an AR?

Maybe a larger question would be "Why are you so damned scared in a donut shop or a mall? What have you done that makes you fear others are 'comin' for ya'"?

You are a pathetic invertebrate that has been bullied and lied to by the mega-corporations who want to SELL you ever more deadly weapons which have killing people as their obvious purpose.

You don't NEED those weapons; you WANT them.

We all know why.
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