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A neighbor just put up a large black flag on his porch.

I know the signal is they consider themselves in wartime and there will be no mercy for those they see as the enemy. Democrats, BLM, left organizations, liberal churches, schools, vaccine clinics, etc…are their enemies.

NewHendoLib posted a while ago that he was noticing American flags popping up more in his area. I am in that same area and noticed the uptick in my neighborhood. Also confederate flags and now these black flags.

Madison Cawthorn reps our district. Mark Meadows before him. Cawthorn told these people to be armed and dangerous.

I just warned the Unitarian Church what the black flag means that their neighbor is flying. They get vandalized a lot - every time they put up their rainbow flags and other inclusive signs.

This feels different. This is Trump, Mike Flynn, Steve Bannon, and Madison Cawthorn readying the Q Qrazies and far right extremist nutcases for local violence against their own neighbors.

Halloween is Screamin' Jay Hawkins Day.

Connie Schultz, Sherrod Brown's wife, just posted a threat she received


I don’t know how to post here from Facebook. If someone can please post. Thanks.

Great kid rockers' anthem for environment.

NC Lt.Gov: gays are 'filth'. Jeff Jackson calls for him to resign.

Jeff Jackson
8h ·
I am calling on our Lt. Governor, Mark Robinson, to resign.
As you can see from this video, this week he angrily referred to the LGBTQ community as "filth."
Then he says, "Yes, I called it filth."
There's no debate here. This is open discrimination. It is completely unacceptable.
This fits a pattern from him.
He's made many openly hateful and discriminatory comments about the LGBTQ community and Jewish people.
When asked about it, he always doubles down.
I serve in the state Senate.
As Lt. Governor, he presides over the state Senate. It's his primary duty.
As a member of that body, I have a responsibility to clearly state that this is not a position that should be held by someone who is plainly and proudly discriminatory.
The NC GOP is *absolutely* clearing a path for him to be their gubernatorial nominee in 2024.
If he runs, he's all but certain to be the Republican nominee. He is immensely popular within his party - and I imagine he still will be, even after this.
The last thing our state needs is open discrimination from someone in high office.
It tells a lot of wonderful people - our friends, family, neighbors - that someone who represents them thinks they're all beneath basic dignity.
No one should find that remotely acceptable.
But the fact that he feels comfortable saying this - confident that not a single elected member of his party will stand up to him, as none have - is why this is about more than just him. There's no shortage of enabling going on here.
Yes, I work hard to stay positive in my campaign.
No, that doesn't mean turning a blind eye to clear violations of basic decency.
You have to call that out - and let people know what happened. That's how we do the work of defending those standards.
And I really can’t stand bullies. That’s all this man is.
When you stand up to bullies, you catch them by surprise. They count on people stepping aside.
That's not going to happen here. Please join me in letting him know.
To our LGBTQ friends who were the targets of this discrimination, you’ve had to put up with this hate for far too long.
This kind of behavior should be part of our past, not our present.
We’re going to prevail over it, again, and move closer to full equality and dignity.
- Sen. Jeff Jackson

PandoraPapers: S.Dakota lawmakers allowed state's use as tax haven for financial elites


…Pandora Papers show that around $360 billion in customer assets are currently held in various trusts based in the state of South Dakota. The figure has allegedly more than quadrupled over the past decade, according to the ICJ, which wrote the following.

"The documents provide details about the movement of hundreds of millions of dollars from offshore havens in the Caribbean and Europe into South Dakota, a sparsely populated American state that has become a major destination for foreign money."

South Dakota Laws

Around $360 billion is being held in South Dakota trusts because lawmakers have approved legislation "championed by insiders in the trust industry."

According to The Washington Post, which participated in the investigation, South Dakota is now comparable to notorious tax havens around the globe.

"South Dakota now rivals notoriously opaque jurisdictions in Europe and the Caribbean in financial secrecy," the outlet noted.

A few other American states, such as Nevada and Florida, appear to be moving in the same direction, according to the documents.

Small action to take to deflate Cawthorn and intercept his game plan

of creating a constant stream of public relations ploys to make himself into the next Donald Trump. He wants his name and face to scream success and power.

This won’t cost you anything - free and easy to do, but, must be done consistently all over social media.

Please ONLY refer to him as Marjorie Taylor Cawthorn.

The lesson nation's legislators should learn from Ida's hit

on New Orleans: Investing in infrastructure works.

The levees held. This should be worked into Dem ads supporting the infrastructure bill.


Madison Cawthorn @GOP event sez they're working on another DC protest

was @ a GOP event in NC. He repeatedly refers to the 1/6 arrestees as political prisoners. In the context of that, he's asked at 0:57 of this clip, "When are you gonna call us to Washington again?" He responds, "we are actively working on that one." 1/2


Ex-Republican BLISTERS Madison Cawthorn and GOP: stupidity, narcissism

Madison Cawthorn leads stupidity, narcissism behavior for new GOP party

Stupidity, narcissism, contempt of science and/or facts, and unbridled self-centered behavior have emerged as the preferred behavior of the 'New Republican' Party (cult) or at least a vocal portion. The August 7 Citizen Times front page featured a story, 'Protesters attempt school board coup,' which turned my stomach and made me fearful of what kind of world my children and grandchildren will be inheriting.

The poster boy for both stupidity as an art form, and the New Republican Party, Madison Cawthorn was featured prominently in the story of protesters seizing control of a school board meeting, claimed to have recalled the existing school board and instated themselves as the new school board members (Buncombe County Schools attorney Dean Shatley said 'unequivocally' that the legal school board is still in office).

Hard to believe that one could find a single sane adult to participate in an illegal mob action that would directly lead to putting their children’s lives in jeopardy; but that is exactly what transpired. Our District 11, U.S. Representative Madison Cawthorn has sworn to uphold the Constitution and rule of law. This meeting did neither.

How people can flout their ignorance of the science that shows vaccines and masks beat COVID is unintelligible, and I will never understand it. The current figures show virtually all new hospitalizations and deaths are among the unvaccinated; and ALL students under 12 are unvaccinated. Why fight to expose your children to health hazards up to and including death? Our laws require other vaccinations to attend school, our laws require us to wear clothes to cover our genitalia, our laws require us to register/insure motor vehicles and have a drivers license to drive, etc. There are laws, regulations and restrictions across all walks of life that we adhere to, to build safe communities. Why pick on COVID vaccines to protest? Why not walk around naked to protest government’s right to impose 'arbitrary' regulation?

Although I was a firm supporter of the Republican Party from 1972 through 1999, I changed my party registration to 'No Party' in 2000 and have remained an Independent since. At age 18 I was a 'Rockefeller Republican,' believing in a social safety net for my fellow citizens along with the fiscal responsibility to pay for it. Over the next 28 years, I witnessed the GOP gutting the social safety net and losing any sense of fiscal responsibility…..


Howard Berkowitz is a retired senior executive with Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control. He has lived in Candler for the past 7 years.

(Asheville Citizen-Times guest columnist)
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