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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Wisconsin
Current location: NE Indiana
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 45,578

About Me

Member since 3/21/2002. I have been interested in politics since the early 70's. I registered to vote by riding my bicycle to the nearest registration site while still in high school. The first time I voted was with my parents. By the general election, I was in college and voted absentee. During the Watergate hearing I was in college and watched the hearings. I have only voted for a Republican once. And it was due to the endorsement of the local union's political group. It was for the position of the county sheriff. I have never missed voting in an election. Both primary and general. I have voted in at least 69 elections. Political Science and History was my focus in college. I became more involved in politics in 1987 with the mayor's campaign helping at headquarters. It was at this time that I became a precinct committee person. In a couple of years I was involved in setting up the database for a congressional campaign due to Quayle becoming VP and Dan Coats was appointed as Quayle's replacement. I have attended many Democratic State Conventions and other Democratic fundraisers and events.

Journal Archives

Found this about a 1935 Hoover letter while doing family tree.

It was published in the The Telegraph-Herald and Times-Journal (Dubuque, Iowa) on 24 March 1935. Under the title "Ex-President's Letter Makes Tongues Wage"

It consists of 938 words in 37 paragraphs.

First, Hoover served as President (March 4, 1929 March 4, 1933).

What is happening now with TFG seems reminiscence of that time period.

The letter by Hoover was a criticism of Roosevelt's New Deal.

Excerpts (Since it is not over 95 years old I don't believe I can include the whole article.)
The thread of Mr. Hoover's platform, running throughout his letter, is that the New Deal is "un-American" and that individual liberty has been restrained to an unconstitutional degree by its operation.

The solution of the many problems now confronting the government, he said. rests first upon "orderly individual liberty and responsible constitutional government as opposed to un-American regimentation and bureaucratic domination." This followed a general indictment of Roosevelt policies. which he said had failed.

Still Party Head
Mr. Hoover still is titular leader of the party and will be until his successor is named by the republican national convention next year. His letter on current issues way interpreted today as an effort to make that leadership a little more than merely titular.

Judging from the tone of the republican comment in congress, that effort-- if such it was--was not conspicuously successful.

The following unless in quotes are rewritten from article.
One Republican senator stated, "I have no comment to make upon anything that gentleman might have to say."

Another Republican senator that had supported Hoover twice said, "I feel sorry for him. He once tasted power and failed. He dreams of coming back. It is only a dream."

Comments by Democrats
They generally agreed they would like nothing better than to see another Roosevelt-Hoover contest in 36.

"I want to talk about live subjects." he said, "not dead ones."

"Mr. Hoover certainly ought to know a sink when he sees one. for he led us into one."
Posted by LiberalFighter | Tue Feb 15, 2022, 08:52 PM (3 replies)

Republican Electors - Fake Documents

Below are the Republicans that signed the fake elector documents. I included any additional detail about the person and what district they represented. Was not able to completely do that though.

Arizona (11)
Nancy Cottle (Chair)
Loraine B. Pellegrino (Secretary)
Tyler Bowyer (COO Turning Point USA)
Jake Hoffman (Representative Hoffman)
Anthony T. Kern
James Lamon
Robert Montgomery
Samuel I Moorhead
Greg Safsten
Dr. Kelli Ward
Dr. Michael Ward
Signed also by 22 Republican state lawmakers

Georgia (16)
David J Shafer (Republican Party Chair)
Shawn Still (Secretary)
Joseph Brannan
James "Ken" Carroll
Vikki Townsend Consiglio
Carolyn Hall Fisher
Hon Burt Jones (CJ Pearson - No Show)
Gloria Kay Godwin
David G. Hanna
Mark W. Hennessy
Mark Amick (Patrick Gartland - No Show)
John Downey (John A Isakson - No Show)
Cathleen Alston Latham
Daryl Moody
Brad Carver (Susan Holmes - No Show)
David Shafer
Shawn Still
C.B. Yadav

Michigan (16)
Kathy Berden (Chair)
Mayra Rodriguez (Secretary)
Meshawn Maddock
John Haggard
Kent Vanderwood
Marian Sheridan (MIGOP Grassroots Vice Chair)
James Renner (James Renner - No Show)
Amy Facchinello
Rose Rook
Hank Choate
Mari-Ann Henry
Clifford Frost
Stanley Grot
Timothy King
Michele Lundgren
Ken Thompson (Terri Lynn Land - No Show - Former Secretary of State)

New Mexico (5)
Jewll Powdrell (Chair)
Deborah W Maestas (Secretary)
Lupe Garcia
Rosie Tripp
Anissa Ford-Tinnin (Harvey Yates - No Show)

Nevada (6)
Michael J McDonald (Chair)
James DeGraffenreid (Secretary)
Duward James Hindle III
Jesse Law
Shawn Meehan
Eileen Rice

Pennsylvania (20)
Bill Bachenberg (Chair)
Lisa Patton (Secretary)
Tom Carroll (Robert Asher - No Show)
Chuck Coccodrilli
Sam DeMarco III
Christie DiEsposti (Robert Gleason - No Show)
Charlie Gerow (Thomas Marino - No Show)
Leah Hoopos (Lawrence Tabas - No Show)
Andre McCoy (Christine Toretti - No Show)
Pat Poprik
Suk Smith (Carolyn Welsh - No Show)
Lou Barletta
Ted Christian
Bernadette Comfort
Marcela Diaz-Myers
Josephine Ferro
Kevin Harley (Lance Stange - No Show)
Ash Khare
Andy Reilly
Calvin Tucker

Wisconsin (10)
Andrew Hitt (At Large Chair)
Kelly Ruh (8 Secretary)
Carol Brunner (1)
Edward Scott Grabins (2)
Bill Feehan (3)
Robert F Spindell Jr (4)
Kathy Kiernen (5 Tom Schreibel - No Show)
Darryl Carlson (6)
Pam Travis (7)
Mary Buestrin (At Large)
Posted by LiberalFighter | Tue Jan 18, 2022, 11:03 AM (9 replies)
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