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It would be a great idea if we could start funding our own projects.

We have a great group of progressives all in one place and we could start making some serious noise if we decided to vote on and carry out some group projects. We learn every day how we are getting screwed by corporate America and the tea party seems to get attention every time one of them farts. We should really start organizing and funding our own actions.

My pet project would be to fund a few billboards in areas where there are walmart stores and with a customer base of working or middle class voters. The billboards should highlight how much of the tax payers money is going to support the workers of these stores and how much it is adding to every dollar they spend there.

I do not have any firm numbers about how much we pay in tax breaks and worker subsidies but one estimate is around one billion dollars a year. This amount was extrapolated from a study that shown how much it cost Massachusetts. I wonder if these kinds of statistics would make people think about how much they are really spending when they shop there.

I am not very good at organizing but would love to join any group effort if there is enough interest.

I just heard a quote from one of the Koch Brothers.

The discussion was about their long term goal of changing the political debate to one that is favorable to them and one of them was quoted as saying that they were going to continue this course of action until they stop breathing. Hmm, I wonder how many other people thought of the same solution as I did.
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