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I read an article about Romney that I think should get more attention if it is true.

Apparently all his children have trust funds which pay them millions of dollars each year and the taxes on them are paid by Romney.

If this is true, does that mean he uses that to get tax breaks and are his children getting millions of dollars reach year tax free. That sounds really strange and if it is even close to the truth, the democrats should certainly use this show how unfair our tax system is for working class people.

Just boarding jet blue flight

Pilot look quite norma. Little young but at my age they all look young

So who else was in the conference call on the Alan Grayson telephone town hall meeting tonite.

It was just amazing. He is the progressive's dream candidate. I entered the queue to ask him a question but I think there every progressive in the west was in the call. I wish he lived in California and I feel sure he will make it it back into congress.

He is the most progressive candidate EVER. i just hope he wins.
Posted by pennylane100 | Thu Apr 5, 2012, 11:57 PM (7 replies)
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