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I was googling on the reasons that led to Germany's slide into facisim.

I found a site that seems to be the class lesson taught by a Mrs. Burns in a school in Virginia. I am not posting this as an endorsement of the lesson although it seemed quite good. However, there was a page that listed the reasons why so mean people fell for fascism. The last reason listed on that page seemed to be tailor made warning about this country's future if we do not stop the corruption of our politicians and courts by corporations and groups like the Tea Party.

It is referred to as "The Boiled Lobster Theory" It is said that a lobster dropped in a pot of very hot water will immediately jump out. A lobster put in a pot of cold water, which is then heated, will not notice the problem until it is too late. Most Germans, Italians, and Japanese who watched the rise of fascism in the early 1930s did not notice or know how bad it would all turn out. By the time they did fully understand, those who objected knew perfectly well that to speak out would mean arrest and maybe death.

This may be a well known theory to the many well read members of DU but I had not read of it before. I saw it as a perfect way to describe what I fear will happen here if we elect people like Romney to run our country.

The arrogance of Rupert Murdock seems to have known no bounds.

Thank goodness the hacking scandal has slowed him down in the UK.


Now how do we take him and Fox down over here. I wish there was a group or movement that was working on that. That type of unchecked power is dangerous. Can you imagine how much more powerful his organization will become if Romney wins.

Murdoch is playing dirty again,

I hope he does not win this one.

Posted by pennylane100 | Mon Jun 4, 2012, 01:52 PM (0 replies)
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