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I recently received a email from google

telling me that someone had attempted to access my account and if it was not me, I should change my password.

There are better than even odds that it was me because I have a very bad habit of forgetting my password and go through the instructions to reset but forget to write the new number down. Very bad habit I know, but my time honored excuse is that I am very old.

However the email did give the IP address that attempted to enter my google account, and no, it was no, it was not mine. Does any one have suggestions as to how I can track the name of the owner. I have gone to some sites and they tell me some info but I have not been able to locate an actual name. It is not a big deal, but just trying to track it down gives me a little better understanding how the internet works and it is quite entertaining.

As for changing my password, I will do that as soon as I find out what it is. It comes up automatically at the moment so I will be able to change it easily.

Thanks for any advice.

There is a man in our community who is being harrassed by the police,

every made up charge has been dismissed in court and there is not outstanding warrants, charges or anything against him.
however, he was called by the housing commission, went to a meeting which started without him although he was not late.

The cops have pulled him over, searched him without permission and drive by his house and check the perimeter at night with a flashlight, scaring him. He has not led a perfect life, but then neither have I.The only difference is that I was never hassled.

He was called to a housing commission meeting, with no charges of any kind against him except the details of the police resentment charges which were all dropped. At the meeting, he had a folder of rebuttals to any problems that they may bring up.. However, the person chairing the meeting, a member of the city managers office said there was no need for that, they had all the info they needed, possibly supplied by one of his harassers, a city policeman who had taken it upon himself to attend the meeting. They informed him seven days later. by mail, that he had lost his section eight allowances.

He is a neighbor of my daughters, a very nice African American and when she offered him a ride to the store as she saw him walk down the street, a cop car came up and stopped her because her license plates had expired. After sitting in my daughters car for more than 30 minutes while they dealt with my daughters expired tags. he got tired of waiting and decided to walk home. The cops left my daughter and her expired tags. chased after him and eventually hand cuffed him for a couple of hours with any charges an eventual let him go, but have continued to hassle him.

He is very well read on rights and the many illegal activities of the police, but I wondered if anyone had any more ideas. He has contacted a legal aid group and has been able to get an hour consultation at a very reasonable cost but I wondered
there were more ideas any one could add.
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