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I would like to get some feedback on what happened at the republican event

when some guy from the Huckabee campaigned blocked Ted Cruz from joining Huckabee on stage. As far as I know, the person blocking his way was not a guard or law enforcement, so why did Cruz back down and walk away? I could be wrong, I often am, but I think that the sight of a Huckabee staffer trying to rough up a fellow candidate would not have played well for Huckabee and would have allowed cruz to play the victim card.

I have an equal amount of contempt for both of them so my curiosity is merely about strategy.

I am not sure why the term anchor babies is so politically incorrect.

After I married my American husband, I had three children before I became a citizen. I did not care if they were considered anchor babies. They had American passports, and two of them could also claim citizenship of the countries they were born in. Turkey and the United Kingdom. However in that my son was born in Turkey, he would not have wanted to return there when he was eighteen until he was well over thirty as all males, regardless of their birth certificate were drafted into the military. This was quite a while ago and things may have changed.

I eventually became a citizen when I divorced my husband as I realized that I would probably stay in this country and citizenship would help if I was ever caught with a joint or some other major crime such as speeding etc. Plus the anchor babies would then come in handy.

The irony of my whole time as a military wife is that it bothered the military that I had not taken out papers to become a citizen. My husband came home from work one day as asked if I would to up to the office headquarters to explain why I had not applied for citizenship, we had been married about ten years. I withheld my instinct to tell them to bug off as I did not want to ruin my husband's career so I politely explained that I had not made up my mind as to where I wanted to live when we retired. That was before we came to California and once here, I knew I wanted to stay here.

I hope this scenario is never going to happen,

however, what would the world look like with a Trump presidency. It is just too mind boggling to try to even imagine it.
Posted by pennylane100 | Mon Aug 3, 2015, 01:15 PM (3 replies)

Perry is making some kind of speech on CNN

I have TV on while on my computer and I know it is about his presidential run. Not listening but noticed that he had two expressionless guys, one on each side of him. Just looked again and realized they were possibly identical twins. Just wondering who they are?
Posted by pennylane100 | Thu Jun 4, 2015, 01:09 PM (4 replies)

A family friend is going to court this week

She is going to attend a hearing for a continuance in the trial of a man charged with sexual abuse of several women in the area. I would appreciate any legal info on a couple of questions. Can she legally video inside or outside the courthouse as he arrives. He is out on bail. Also, is there any way she could see his mugshot?

This has traumatized her and while I am not sure she should attend the hearing as it will be short and uneventful, a continuance will be granted and he will be in and out in a very short time, she wants to get a look at him. However, I was wondering if at any time before and after the actual courtroom appearance, would it be OK to video him. Also, how are mugshots made available, are they public record.? Thanks in advance for any advice.
Posted by pennylane100 | Wed Jun 3, 2015, 02:46 PM (1 replies)

Some days Chris Matthews is really off his game.

They were discussing the upcoming trade agreement and he began discussing how in his youth, the only choices were clothes made in America and not too many to choose from. He said that now we can get clothes from all over the world and the large selection is what people want.

What he didn't mention was the hundreds of thousands of jobs that also went overseas, along with the paychecks of the American workers. He also left out the fact that the people that now work in the jobs we shipped overseas earn barely enough to feed themselves. Sometimes he forgets to think before he opens his mouth.

I have a problem with Firefox when visiting one particular site.

I have a subscription to FitBrains a site that is a collection of brain games. I have a problem when I run this program in Firefox.
The site comes up and lets me sign in. I bring up a game that I want to play and it starts up OK but after pressing start to begin the game, nothing happens. It is the same for all the games in part of the program. However, there is a menu option to play the classic format. That is the old program before they added the new part that will not work for me. However, if I go to Windows Explorer, both sections of the site work fine.

I think I have checked some box that restricts the new game. I downloaded a new version of flash and that did not help. It does not make sense that some of the game will work on Firefox but not the newer part. This problem only started recently. It was fine when I first reloaded it, that is why I think I did something wrong when when checking my internet options.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I can understand how badly many DUers want Elizabeth to run for the presidency.

She would be, in my opinion, the perfect candidate, but I do not believe she will run. However all the valiant efforts of her supporters reminded me of a rhyme I learned as a child.

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride:
If turnips were watches, I'd wear one by my side,:
If, If's and And's were pots and pans, there would be no need for tinkers.:

I think we will all end up voting for Hilary as the alternative would be one of the characters from the 2016 Shit Show of Candidates.
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