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I have a problem with Firefox when visiting one particular site.

I have a subscription to FitBrains a site that is a collection of brain games. I have a problem when I run this program in Firefox.
The site comes up and lets me sign in. I bring up a game that I want to play and it starts up OK but after pressing start to begin the game, nothing happens. It is the same for all the games in part of the program. However, there is a menu option to play the classic format. That is the old program before they added the new part that will not work for me. However, if I go to Windows Explorer, both sections of the site work fine.

I think I have checked some box that restricts the new game. I downloaded a new version of flash and that did not help. It does not make sense that some of the game will work on Firefox but not the newer part. This problem only started recently. It was fine when I first reloaded it, that is why I think I did something wrong when when checking my internet options.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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