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One way to shut Trump up, would be to take a close-up look at the kind of people at his rallies.

A face recognition program may find owners of small business in attendance. Their customers could then be made aware of the fact that they are supporting businesses with such a racist/sexist agenda. A few incidents like this would surely discourage a few business owner attendees to stay away from future rallies.

Face recognition could also show how many of his supporters have criminal records for violence and bullying, etc. They can be ostracized on social media and in the local media of their communities. I wish some investigative journalists would give this a try.

We have to get a more in your face attitude (nothing violent) when dealing with Trump supporters as they are the lifeline that feeds his sick ego. We are not making much headway in shutting him up so maybe we should start on his supporters. These types must have lots of hidden baggage, we should start highlighting a few of them and maybe spread some of the fear that they love to use on us.

I find Lawrence O'Donnell's prediction credible.

I think it could be Dan Coats. I never liked his politics but he I believe he has loves his country.
Posted by pennylane100 | Thu Sep 6, 2018, 12:28 AM (8 replies)

We are living in a world gone mad.

What kind of monster is Trump and what is wrong with the republican party. Is there some kind of plan in his madness. He has kidnapped over two thousand young children with not one ounce of accountability. He did this under cover of the law.

We are a very sick country and we need to start realizing this and putting a stop to him and his partners in crime before we reach the point of no return.

Another one bites the dust.

Another one of my favorite actors, Morgan Freeman is a serious harasser. He is/was one of my favorite movie stars. He always made the world seem safe in the roles he played. What is wrong with these people. What makes a kid grow up to feel so entitled that he (and probably much less often, she) think they have license to act this way. It is mind boggling.

Have any trusted Relief Organizations organized fundraising

for the people of Garza. I think they will really need all the help the world can offer.
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