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Martin Eden

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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 11,701

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There is a CANCER on the SOUL of AMERICA

CANCER can't be cured unless it is discovered and ACTED UPON.

Bradley Manning performed a GREAT SERVICE for AMERICA.

NOW it is UP TO US to ACT!

We want a mommy And a daddy, please!

That bumper sticker reveals ignorance and stupidity.

Prohibiting gay marriage will do NOTHING to increase the number of households with a male and a female parent.
If anything, it will increase the number of SINGLE PARENT families, thus depriving children of the loving care of two adults in a committed relationship.

It truly disgusts me to see people hold children up as props when what they advocate will HURT children, just to satisfy their bigotry and phobia.

Campaign Finance is the biggest reform, but several others are needed:

Voter enfranchisement Universal voter registration with no impediments to voting. If voter ID is necessary, obtaining it should in no way prohibit or discourage legal voters. Make election day a holiday, or provide those who voted with a stub that entitles them to a day (or half-day) off work.

Accurate & Secure Balloting Standard voting machines that accurately record voter intent, and can be checked without being hacked.

End Gerrymandering Congressional districts must be drawn by logical geographic boundaries, not engineered for electoral outcomes by the political party in power.

Eliminate the Electoral College It's an anachronism that makes one vote in a small state equivalent to several votes in a large state. Candidates focus their campaigns on a few battleground states in the winner-take-all system, while voters in states where the outcome is assured have little incentive to vote.

Intant Runoff Voting (Ranked Choice) allows voters to select several candidates in order of preference. When their #1 choice is eliminated, their vote applies to 2nd choice. Citizens could vote for the 3rd-party candidate they like best without aiding the major party candidate they rank last (think Florida 2000).

Reform Campaign Financing (as stated in the OP) and also reform presidential campaigns. Limit the time span of the campaign season (goes on for more than a year) and provide voters with better information by changing the debate format. 2 minute answers are little more than slogans, and lies go unchallenged by the moderators who are angling for controversial "gotcha" questions & answers.
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