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Martin Eden

Martin Eden's Journal
Martin Eden's Journal
December 17, 2022

I have mixed feelings about the MAGAverse dumping Trump

Of couurse the Orange Abomination needs to be relegated to the trash heap of history, but freepers and other assorted deplorables have not had their hearts changed by some Christmas miracle awakening.

No, they're just finally realizing Cheeto Jesus has become The Loser Guy. They will instead turn to DeSantis or whichever MAGA Messiah rises to become the standard bearer in the march towards the Christofascist America that is their heart's desire.

Dumping Trump will increase the likelihood of GQP success in the 2024 elections.

The greatest possible service Mango Mussolini can render our country is to stick around long enough to destroy the Rethug Party from within, increasing its toxicity with internecine warfare between establishment R's and loyal supporters of the Frankenstein monster they created.

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