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Martin Eden

Martin Eden's Journal
Martin Eden's Journal
July 1, 2023

Did Jesus rail against homosexuality and abortion?

I thought he was more about helping the poor and the sick, welcoming the stranger, and AGAINST the money changers in the temple.

I'm agonistic and accepting of personal religious beliefs, but it my view these rightwingers who call themselves Christians are using religion as a false flag of morality to justify their bigotry and greed.

Today's Republican Party, first and foremost, serves Mammon. They purport to be the champions of God and country, and have been very successful in deceiving tens of millions of gullible voters.

But actions speak louder than words. Those who hold sincere beliefs can nevertheless be duped into acting against the highest principles they claim to revere. In this era of Trumpism, that is painfully obvious.

Does the "conservative" SCOTUS majority sincerely believe they are serving both God and American ideals? If so, they and others like them who pull the levers of power are the most dangerous enemies we face.

July 1, 2023

I feel the same way, Nance

In the wake of 9/11, I too displayed flag symbols in the all too brief spirit of national unity. Then GW Bush and the neocons rode that wave and a systematic campaign of misinformation to launch their predetermined war of choice in Iraq. That's when I joined DU, a great source of information exposing those lies and the PNAC agenda ignored by the mainstream media. I remember all the flags displayed in my neighborhood in support of that war, and the conflicting emotions I felt seeing that proud symbol associated with something I passionately protested against.

But that was nothing compared to this era of Trumpism. Now my beloved American flag is most ostentatiously displayed by the MAGA hordes, sometimes alongside confederate and nazi flags. When their cult leader hugs the Stars & Stripes, I feel our flag is being assaulted like one of his female victims. When I see a pickup truck driving down the street proudly flying the flag I feel nothing but revulsion, knowing the driver supports the most un-American POtuS ever to threaten everything our flag is supposed to represent.

How did it ever come to this?

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