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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 58,162

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walker is coming to Springfield to tell us how to create jobs and balance the budget


do`t we have enough problems with out this guy mucking up our state!

so walker is coming to springfield illinois to tell us how to create jobs.....

funny around my part of the state we have jobs from temp to tech jobs... the downstate people are thinking about welcoming walker to springfield


it`s a big hit with my facebook friends...if gas was`t so expensive i`d go

oh no ..man on dog is visiting the alter of ronald reagan today!

following in the foot steps of sister sarah, man on dog will visit the holy shrine of the ronald reagan home and then worship at the image of st ronald on his steed. as i type the secret service are blocking off the streets to insure no undesirables dare encroach on these solemn events.

but the sound of thunder and the persistent rain drops may put this most solemn event in danger of being less than a desirable event. many wonder if god will forsake them as they pray that god will part the clouds to let the sun shine on them and thier chosen one.

so brothers and sisters pray for rain,pray the heavens open with bolts of lightning,pray away the evil about to befall my city!

i`m going shopping....

"Anatomy of an unsafe abortion" Dr Jen Gunter


please bring back the old check spelling...

please....pretty please? the red line spell check totally sucks


wow! the hits just keep coming...

will there only be the insane left that will defend walker?


i think the republicans will finally wake up and vote this guy out....

the last republican....

i think he is right

waukesha`s free republic JeanS explains the recall process


a surprising level headed response to the rest of the dolts at freerepublic.

willie nelson and friends are releasing a "occupy wall street album" this spring


great line-up of recording artists so it looks like a must buy.

i found this while i was searching through freeper land. needless to say they are throwing willie under his bus!

"wisconsin senator ellis calls school a sewer-exclusive video"


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