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Hometown: Texas
Member since: 2002
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It probably means

that Sanders gets more support; more donations and more endorsements.

Remember: "hE's nOdDa DeMoCrAt"

"Somebody called me a ..."

" ... bungus online, so I'm not going to be able to support her candidate who wants everyone to have healthcare, a livable, planet, and a union-wages job".

"Sanders Campaign" is correct

and facts are not attacks

Now why would

a Democratic president EVEN CONSIDER wanting to "trim Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid"?!


I really did not expect

the national polling -- or, for that matter, the preferences chosen in this forum -- to reflect a Bernie surge and a Warren fade so quickly. TBH I am surprised they reflect that at all.

Perhaps things will even out; I just completed the most recent CBS/YouGov poll that might get released this weekend or Monday. (For those of you who complain about never being polled, here you go. I get polled for president and state races almost every week.)

"About to"?

Sounds a lot like

what I'm hearing in Texas (except for the 'everybody loved Pete' part).

Outside of the campaign bubbles, there's no great enthusiasm for second choices. But everybody feels the commonality of purpose.


+ 3 million from me

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