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Cooley Hurd

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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 26,877

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Letitia Baldridge dies at 86 - Jackie Kennedy's Social Secreatary


50 years ago today. President Kennedy tells the nation about the missiles in Cuba...

Re: the Kennebunk Prostitution ring. I wonder if any Bushes were involved?

Get it?

47% speech - FINALLY!

...and a nod to Ryan's "percentages".


Maria Hinojosa was on UP w/ CH this am. 9 1/2 years ago...

...she was a reporter on CNN covering the Anti-Iraq-War marches in NYC. I was on DU that morning, posting from my living room w/ an eye peeled on the TV, watching her amongst the crowds doing a spectacular job interviewing people and allowing the anti-war message to hit the American people.

Then, a poster on DU who claimed to be working inside CNN (I'm sorry, but their username escapes me now) posted that the word came down - no more cutaways to Maria and the massive protest march.

I looked over at the TV - Fred Whitfield was anchoring - and waited for the next report from Maria. It never came.

A month later, I was watching Shock and Awe...


Chris Hayes spells it out for dumb ol' me (re: undocumented immigration)...

On the subject of calling humans that reside in this country (without the documentation showing they entered the country with the permission of the US Government) "illegal" - as in "illegal immigrants"; they aren't illegal for being here w/o documentation. The only crime committed is the actual entrance to this country without the permission of the US government.

To refer to them as "illegal" anything is akin to calling someone "illegal-(whatever)" because they exceeded the speed limit on their way to work. Or, fibbed on their taxes. Or, downloaded content w/o paying for it.

I abandoned using the term "illegal immigrant" long ago for the sake of political correctness, but his clarification gives me a strong argument against those who still use the term.

Thanks Chris!
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