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Police Officer Will Not Be Charged For Killing Napster Exec While Texting And Driving

Source: Business Insider Online News

The instance exposes the different way that law enforcement officials are treated versus civilians in cases where a person is killed because of texting while driving.

It's illegal to text and drive in California; the state has a specific law against it. Civilians caught doing it can expect to face charges. But a report from the Los Angeles District Attorney's office shows that the rules may be applied differently to cops.

The incident involving Olin and Wood happened in December 2013 in Calabasas, California. Olin, a key figure at the peer-to-peer music-sharing company that pioneered the online music download industry, was cycling in the bicycle lane when he was killed instantly by Wood's patrol car.

Wood drifted into the bicycle lane while typing a reply to a colleague who wanted to know whether any other officers were required to attend a fire reported at a high school he had just left. He was trying to tell the other officer that no further backup was needed.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/police-officer-will-not-be-charged-in-killing-of-napster-executive-2014-8#ixzz3Bo3zXhzw

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/police-officer-will-not-be-charged-in-killing-of-napster-executive-2014-8#ixzz3BnglQVkK

Another example of how the law only applies to regular folks and how the police don't intend to police their own criminal behavior
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