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It's official: Ektachrome is really back

A couple years ago, Kodak announced they were bringing Ektachrome 100 back to market. Well...it's back.

B&H lists it as "in stock."

Freestyle lists it as "Approx delivery date December 31, 2018."

Glazer's Camera in Seattle is going to sell it but it's not in stock yet.

Adorama doesn't list it yet.

Right now this is only in 35mm; they plan to also introduce it in 120 but Kodak uses a different base for the two sizes, and the chemistry of the emulsion is different so it'll stick to the other base.

Regardless of what the Village Idiot thinks, Ivanka Trump can't be Ambassador to the UN

At least, not in her father's administration.

The UN Ambassador is a Cabinet-Level Official, earning $199,700 per year. Cabinet-Level Officials work directly for the president, or Trump in this case. Due to federal nepotism laws, a president's (or Trump's, in this case) relatives can't hold paid positions in his staff. And due to the 13th Amendment, a Cabinet-Level Official isn't allowed to work for free.

Even though the most unqualified person to ever work for the federal government in any capacity believes his daughter is the most qualified person in the world to be Ambassador to the UN, the only way she could legally take the job is for Dipshit to resign.

How to make the Number One Halloween Costume this year

You will need:

One beer hat
One judge's robe
One wooden hammer - a meat tenderizer will do great
One bottle opener on a neck chain

Put on robe and beer hat. Put the bottle opener around your neck. Hold the hammer in your right hand. Presto: You're Judge Kavanaugh!

I think Trump done screwed up

If he was going to nominate someone as bad as Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, he really should have held onto the nomination until after the midterms. His sales pitch could have been on the order of "I have a nominee who's going to be the greatest Supreme Court justice in history! Unless we hold both houses of Congress* we'll never see this justice take this justice's rightful place in history! If you want to seat this fine justice, be sure to vote early and vote often for all the Republicans you can!" Deplorables, Semi-Deplorables, Double-Deplorables and the Tiki Torch Brigade would flock to the polls to support their lord and savior Trump.

Now that Trump has his SC justice, he has two problems: there is a very high probability that Republican voters will become complacent, and there's an even higher probability the people who do not like Trump, do not like Republicans and especially do not like the fact George W. Bush With A Law Degree is now on the Supreme Court are going to turn out at the polls in record numbers.

I see the beginning of a very painful end for our ersatz leader and all his minions.

* I know as well as you the Senate is the body that signs off on Supreme Court nominees, and the House has nothing to do with it. But his civics-stunted base does not. If Trump says he needs the House to get his nominees confirmed, they'll believe it.

I just visited urbandictionary to look up a phrase...

In this post...


one of Kavanaugh's prep school chums mentions the term "speed bumps." I figured it had an alternative sexual meaning, and it does, but the best part was the Word of the Day for October 3, 2018:

Brett Kavanaugh drunk
To become so intoxicated you have no recollection of waving your dick around like you just don't care.

Maaan, I went to that party and I wasn't just trashed. I wasn't just wasted. I was straight up Brett Kavanaugh drunk.

Realistically, what happens next if Boofanaugh withdraws?

My thought is he's got backups.

His first choice will be Amy Coney Barrett...who's about six notches to the right of Benito Mussolini, wants to overturn Obergefell, Roe and Griswold, and the Religious Right likes her a lot, but who isn't too likely to eradicate the Separate Sovereigns doctrine.

If Barrett falls through for whatever reason - like that he can't stand the thought of putting someone on the Supreme Court who might put him in prison - Jay Sekulow is always available.

Didn't we have to get rid of President Clinton because of "the children"?

How the hell are we going to explain to The Children that we're actually considering putting on the Supreme Court of the United States a man who thought that vodka enemas were a good way to get drunk?
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