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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 43,853

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Question for induction range owners

I ordered my induction range yesterday. I own a large collection of aluminum pans, none of which will work on it. I have a few enameled cast iron pans, which are not cheap. Besides seasoned cast iron, which I donít like, what pans do you use on your range?

The outgoing president traditionally gives the new one a gift

What do you think Trump will give Biden?

Iím voting for a box of dead rats.

I've been thinking about this "election fraud" thing...

...and it occurs to me that if the Biden campaign really was going to commit voter fraud, they would have gone for the gusto and also defeated Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham, Susan Collins, Joni Ernst, Tommy Tuberville, and both of Georgia's senators.

Milwaukee Trump rally shut down early, Serb Hall manager attacked


The general manager at Serb Hall told WISN 12 News they did what they could to keep people spread apart.

He said they socially distanced 450 tables and chairs, but when people weren't complying with the rules, the manager ended the event early.

That's when he said he was attacked.

Does anyone know how "Tuberville" is pronounced?

I suspect the obvious pronunciation is not the correct one.

Good news: Kyle Rittenhouse's straw purchaser has been charged


Dominick Black, of Kenosha, was charged with two counts of intentionally giving a dangerous weapon to a person under the age of 18, causing death.

The hardware store they bought the gun from is 300 miles from Kenosha.

December 8 is the next important date

That is the date all states are required to certify their elections and choose their electors by. They call it the Safe Harbor date.

This means Trumpís challenges can not be filed after that date.

I suspect the end game will be a court somewhere will tell the administration, ďyou believe that any vote that isnít for you is fraudulent, and thatís not the case. People are allowed to vote for the other guy, and youíre up here proving why the should have.Ē

Now, this "Trump Train" they keep talking about...

Can it be the Crescent, which runs from Washington Union Station to Atlanta, the closest Amtrak station to the first federal penitentiary Al Capone was locked up in? (No one got sent to Alcatraz as their first prison. That was for people who screwed up once they went inside. In Capone's case, the feds got wind of an escape plot and solved the problem by sending him to a prison you can't escape from.)

Post your prediction: How long will it take Twitter to delete Trump's account?

I'm going with January 22.

Swing state voters receiving "stay home and stay safe" robocalls

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