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CNN Sciutto: CENTCOM Commander says Russia is likely "providing some kind of support" to the Taliban


It is a twitter tweet from 8:15 Wednesday morning

Jim Sciutto‏ Verified account
Just in: CENTCOM Commander says #Russia is likely "providing some kind of support" to the Taliban in Afghanistan

The following tweets don't dispute Jim Sciutto's report. The US Army is fighting the Taliban.

What is the word that means "bigot against another religion"?

How do I tag a RW dumbass who posts horrible things about Muslims? There is one polluting my favorite gardening forum. For Jew haters, we have "antisemite". That term has problems in it's origin, but it's meaning is clear enough to everybody.

So I need a term for "anti Muslim bigot" that can also be applied to people who hate on broader classes of religious identities. "Racist" is a good broad term for typical bigotry, so I need a parallel. These America-great-again types get their blood boiling with adrenaline hating on Muslims at this moment, but they are the sons and daughters of that American tradition of hating Jews, Catholics, Mormons, etc. One of their campaigns led to the assassination of a beautiful President. More on that later.

Ok, help me with the term. I thought I would post it here in the land of atheists because you would understand. Of late I call myself a skeptic, but I like to tell people that I am "an apostate Catholic". I have an upbringing that gives me license to apply my moral umbrage. Ooops, I am wandering. Good morning, good day, whereever you are.
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