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Profile Information

Name: Chris Bastian
Gender: Male
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 55,642

Journal Archives

DNC reception with Andrew Yang - Dec 9 in NYC

nb: most Democratic candidates have agreed to do Party fundraising events.

The Democratic National Committee and CEO Seema Nanda cordially invite you to a reception with

Address upon RSVP
New York, NY

$250- Guest
$500- Supporter
$1,000- lnnovator
$2,500- Co-Host
$10,000- Event Chair

For any questions, please contact Michaela Gaughan at GauehanM@dnc.org

Trump's new best friend in North Carolina


RALEIGH, N.C. — Sen. Thom Tillis began the Trump era by negotiating with Democrats on immigration and co-authoring legislation to protect special counsel Robert Mueller. He even briefly opposed President Donald Trump’s national emergency to build a border wall.

But now, the North Carolina Republican's independent streak is fading. He’s deploying the president as a shield against a conservative primary challenger and he’s hugging Trump tightly.


Trump “deserves to be defended” by Republicans ahead of a likely impeachment trial, Tillis added. The Democrats’ evidence thus far? “Nothing there,” he tells supporters.

It’s a shrewd political strategy amid a well-funded primary challenge from Garland Tucker, a conservative businessman who paints Tillis as an enemy of the Trump agenda. But Tillis’ role as Trump’s new best friend threatens to undermine his profile as a diligent, unpredictable senator — and could damage his chances in the general election.

Trump advisory board member: Women should strive to be "handmaidens," stay out of the workplace

Media Matters

Right-wing pundit and recently announced Trump advisory board member Clarence Mason Weaver has said that women aren’t equal to men and that they damaged society when they won the “‘right’ to leave the home and go to work.” He has claimed that women who report sexual misconduct at work are the reason “why we don’t want to be around you in a business.” And he has told women that they should carry themselves as “handmaidens” and “be submissive.”

The Trump campaign recently launched its “Black Voices for Trump” coalition, with President Donald Trump speaking at a rally in Atlanta, GA. The campaign also announced the members of its advisory board, which includes numerous right-wing media personalities such as radio host Herman Cain, Fox Nation hosts Diamond and Silk, and Fox News contributors Deneen Borelli and Alveda King.

The campaign lists the involvement of Clarence Mason Weaver (who usually goes by Mason Weaver in media appearances and also lists his name as Clarence A. Mason on his website), a right-wing author and purported motivational speaker. Weaver has made numerous appearances on Fox Business and Fox News over the years, including on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox & Friends, and Trish Regan Primetime. He attended the coalition launch in Georgia and posted on Facebook that he got to “meet the President [and] shake his hand again.” He also met Lara Trump.

One of Weaver’s philosophies is that “men and women are not equal.” In a recent video about the subject, Weaver said that women shouldn’t be “queens” because “we do not look for queens. Queens is hard work. We look for handmaidens, sweetheart. We look for a helpmate out here, girl. And no king is looking to share their kingdom.” He later suggested that if a woman isn’t as strong as he is, she should “be quiet, and be humble, and be submissive.”

Play to your strengths...

Pompeo announces U.S. will no longer view Israeli settlements as illegal

Source: Axios

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Monday that the U.S. will no longer view Israeli settlements in the West Bank, Golan Heights and East Jerusalem as "inconsistent with international law."

Why it matters: This move is an important shift because it cancels a legal position held by the U.S. State Department since 1978, when the Carter administration determined that the settlements were a violation of international law. The Reagan administration reiterated this position and it has become U.S. policy ever since.

On the other hand, the move is mostly symbolic and will have no practical implications. The Trump administration didn’t see the settlements as illegal and this decision today will make it a more formal position.

Between the lines: The announcement marks yet another instance of the Trump administration moving to weaken Palestinian efforts to achieve statehood. Pompeo said in a statement that legal questions about settlements should be addressed by the Israeli courts, not the international community.

Read more: https://www.axios.com/pompeo-israel-settlements-west-bank-illegal-6b7e954b-3058-4c7f-b881-2cb16e1badb1.html

Pete Buttigieg campaign ad: "Refreshing"

Buttigieg Touts Military Service, But Wary Of Overstating Role

Indiana Public Media

Pete Buttigieg strides past an oversized photograph of himself dressed in fatigues, the Afghan horizon behind him, as he enters a Des Moines arena for an Iowa Democratic Party gala.

In his first Iowa television ad, he holds a rifle and points it toward the rubble at his feet, introducing himself, “As a veteran ...”

Like candidates from the time of George Washington, the South Bend, Indiana, mayor is leaning hard on his seven-month deployment as an intelligence officer in Afghanistan as a powerful credential. As he does, he walks a narrow path between giving his wartime service its due and overstating it.

He is careful not to call himself a combat veteran even as he notes the danger he faced. One of his former competitors for the Democratic nomination, Rep. Seth Moulton of Massachusetts, has drawn a sharp contrast between his four combat tours in Iraq and Buttigieg’s service. And a former commanding officer, who said he thinks Buttigieg would be within his rights to say he is a combat veteran, nonetheless questions the use of a rifle in his ads.

Does anyone want a job in Denver?

More than 50 RTD train trips canceled Monday amid operator shortage

DENVER — The Regional Transportation District continues to deal with a widespread shortage of train and bus operators, and that resulted in a large number of canceled trips Monday.

As of 6 a.m. Monday, RTD’s website was showing more than 50 canceled trips on the C, D, E, F, H and R lines throughout the morning and early afternoon hours.

RTD has been taking public feedback on the operator shortage and plans to discuss the issue on Thursday.

Beyond canceled trips, the shortage has resulted in many operators working six days a week.

Officials have been weighing whether to reduce service in some areas to make up for the lack of drivers, though that plan has met some opposition.


Multiple people reportedly killed in shooting outside Oklahoma Walmart, suspect dead

Source: New York Daily News

A shooting outside an Oklahoma Walmart has reportedly left three people dead.

Two men and a woman were found dead inside their cars in the parking lot of the Duncan supercenter, according to KSWO.

One of the dead is the suspected shooter, Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford told the station.

Duncan Public Schools and the Red River Technology Center were both put on lockdown, but the public schools were allowed to proceed as normal by about 11:20 a.m.

Read more: https://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ny-duncan-oklahoma-walmart-shooting-20191118-nzodavzql5cx7p37rnqykw5a44-story.html?__twitter_impression=true

Permitless open carry.....

"Quid Pro Quo" vs bribery and extortion...

I had lunch last week with a messaging guru who's been advising the Democrats.

Voters don't read Latin, but they do watch cop shows.....

Democrat Jeff Van Drew (NJ-2) on Fox Business: Impeachment Investigation "fracturing the nation"

Democratic New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew attacked his own party for the current impeachment investigation going on in the House of Representatives, during an interview on Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo.

Van Drew, who was one of two Democrats to vote against the impeachment proceedings last month, remained critical of party leadership's decisions on the investigation into President Trump's discussions with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

"I just think we'll keep going down this road, keep spending more time. Many of us came to Congress because we really wanted to accomplish goals, really work on issues such as healthcare, work on issues dealing with prescription drugs, election security, the debt, the deficit — the list goes on," Van Drew explained.

He went on to point out that people should "understand the importance" of impeachment and added that no president has been impeached and convicted in the Senate.

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