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patrice's Journal
patrice's Journal
November 11, 2012

Reps: "We already bought it. Now we're selling it back to you, "your own" "vote", that i$$$$$$$$"

= Republican 1%tax breaks, further economic differences in the USA. The End of The Middle Class!!!

Let them die, for a price, said Ryan.

and $so his$$$$$$$$'d Republican $nakes$$$$$...

November 10, 2012

+ Pat Tilman & Gold Star Military Families, also Cindy Sheehan's son, and all families of

War Veterans, dead and alive.

Think about it.


Have a beautiful afternoon.
Windows' open sky!

clouds' clime




November 10, 2012

FWIW: I am a Veteran & my father was a Veteran & I know lots of military in my family, ALL branches

I am also a teacher. There are teachers in my family, with decades of experience. I am also a learning research professional. I know lots of teachers, so do other educators and my nieces and nephews around the USA.

To do:

Consider reading the Pentagon's description of Benghazi, CIA misguidance about that youtube "Muslim" cartoon video, which had been on the internet for at least a year. All of which has been the topic of F*x Ewes, Royal+Church+ Corporate Propaganda about Libya.

I remember wondering, at the time, why in Egypt everyone went out and demonstrated loudly, then went home to supper, but Libya . . .


I'm Very Sorry to say.


Our country needs to talk about what's going on with OUR military.

As a Veteran myself, in a military family. I feel it's necessary to say this.




AnyWay, . . .

Happy Holidays,
to All,
a Blessed Community
in One!
all Families of Man,
of Peace on Earth and
Light to All
One Heart


November 1, 2012

"what our country was initially founded on, freedom without government interference" FOR WHITE MALES


There was plenty of government interference in the lives of people that culminated in The Constitution. Indeed the original authors of The Constitution FORGOT about the Rights of We the People entirely, until the product of their Constitutional Convention was taken back to lesser propertied males in the colonies, at which time the people said, TTE, "What about our Rights?" and the founding fathers had to take the document back and finally appended a Bill of Rights to it almost 2 years later after its original passage WITHOUT THOSE RIGHTS.

Freedom for whom?

Not for the Indigenous Persons who lived on the real estate that the White Males decided, all by themselves, that they owned, so the American Indians were murdered and hunted and hounded into government compounds.

Not for the African Slaves who were first brought to this country in 1619, who, for the purpose of the votes in the Constitutional Convention, were counted as 3/5 of a person each as the property of those who "owned" them and the economic value of whose labor was transferred from them to the propertied white class for 244 years before they were freed by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863 and whose right to vote went for 177 years from the signing of The Constitution before it was recognized in 1964.

Not for women who went for 133 years from the signing of The Constitution before their right to vote was recognized in 1920 and whose economic freedom to this day is still counted as only 75% as valuable as a man's and whose bodies are still under attack and invasion by male reproductive fascism.

"They'd rather wage class warfare and pit one party against the other rather than embrace what our country was initially founded on, freedom without government interference."

It is to laugh! Class warfare is encoded into the identity of this nation; our bi-cameral legislative branch clearly manifests the dichotomy between more or less direct representation in the House of Representatives, compared to indirect aristocratic representation in the Senate.

All of the things sketched above were made possible by The Constitution our country was initially founded on and every bit of it illustrates "our"/the people's government interfering with lives and in it we see manifest the processes of LEARNING and HUMAN ADAPTATION which CHANGE that interference and which are more authentically what America is than The Constitution ever was.

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