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Why are Karens and Chads so generally angry?

I’m thinking not necessarily because of anything specifically, such as over police brutality, Trump or politics, but it’s occurring in an overly general sense. I’m looking at these videos of mostly white people losing their freakin’ minds at the slightest inconvenience or that they’re in the presence of Black and Brown people within their proximity and I can only speculate that the core is mass cognitive dissonance in these rage encounters.

These people simply can’t process the fact that the real world doesn’t really comport with the whitewashed Fantasy America that they’ve been sold.

There’s a lot of irrational thinking that gets triggered any time these people realize that they’re sharing space with people that they’ve designated as “the other.”

I find it interesting when white people are triggered by blackness and their only choices are flight (denial that their words and actions have racist impact), or fight (outright racist outrage). They’re unable to act rationally because their thought processes are diverting to mental and emotional gridlock.

It doesn’t matter what’s right in front of them, namely another human being, it only matters that the default of whiteness has come within proximity of non-whiteness. Something that’s too difficult tolerate.

Stress is relative between people and groups who have developed coping mechanisms over generations and those who haven’t.

For me, those who go straight into fear, hatred and paranoia are people who have only lived a life of privilege and entitlement and are triggered because they’ve never never had to develop an existential imperative to interact with a significant amount of people outside of their own socially cloistered environment.

All I can say about that it sucks to be them.

Portishead - All mine

Prove me wrong...



Summer Breeze...

Lambert Hendricks & Ross PLAYBOY 60 02 13 3 'The King'

Lambert Hendricks & Ross PLAYBOY 60 02 13 4 'Doodlin'

Joe Williams with Lambert, Hendricks and Ross - Every Day I Have the Blues

Rest In Power, Annie Ross.

Apparently, I've found the instructional video that Trump skipped before he got his human suit...

The keys and the garage door opener are inside. It's yours if you can get in and drive it away...

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