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Ten THOUSAND Japanese performers doing Ludwig Van's Ninth

Raise a toast to yourselves. This one is for YOU!

You can't always get what you want…

Not your Granddaddy's NRA…

Always make sure to read between the lines…


Tells you a lot about this country's priorities…

Strange how that works…

How about you?

Anytime someone says that they're a "conservative", that's just an excuse to be an asshole

Northwestern Professor Kent Kaiser on blogger Karl Bremer's death: "Good riddance"

Yesterday, Karl Bremer, author of Ripple in Stillwater -- winner of City Pages' Best Local Blog 2012 -- died at the age of 60 from complications related to pancreatic cancer.

As the Pioneer Press put it in the headline of its obit, Bremer was perhaps best known as a "Michele Bachmann nemesis," and one well-known local Republican publicly rejoiced his death.

Here's what Kent Kaiser -- a communications professor at the Christian Northwestern College in Roseville, senior policy fellow with the conservative Center of the American Experiment think tank, and beauty pageant judge (bio here; Twitter account here) -- had to say as news of Bremer's death circulated on Twitter:

As you'd expect, Kaiser's "good riddance" tweet was roundly blasted, including by FOX 9's Tom Lyden:

The rest: http://blogs.citypages.com/blotter/2013/01/northwestern_professor_kent_kaiser_on_blogger_karl_bremers_death_good_riddance.php

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