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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 72,855

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Just took out the trash and took some time to take in the lunar eclipse

I love this time of year.

The oligarchs would rather you not organize...

They'd rather you not vote, if you do bother to vote they'd rather you'd slice off your own nose to spite your face by voting for their candidates, they'd rather you politely allow the police to violate your civil rights, they'd rather you hate unions, they'd rather the government not tax their excessive and hidden profits, they'd rather you have a low opinion of government, they'd rather you'd vegetate in an easy chair rather than fighting their system in the streets, they'd rather you'd die than get an affordable education and medical care, they'd rather you worship them as a role model, they'd rather you'd not listen to your own hearts and minds, they'd rather you think that you can go it alone...

The want you isolated and afraid. Afraid of losing your home, afraid for the future and safety of your family, that you'd not care how your neighbors are scraping by just as bad as you are, they'd rather you be so angry that you can't even spell straight.

They know that there more of us than there are of them, they know that they can't desert the country fast enough, they know that your vote counts today more than ever.

So vote and fight back against them and take back which belongs to us all... Our lives and our future.

Halloween is coming: Pieyow!

When Squee Attacks...

Halloween is coming: The Copier Room takes on an entirely different vibe

In my best Sir David Attenborough impression: "The lone lion takes down an entire giraffe."

Sometimes we need a laugh up in here...


It's edgy, but I like it. Just do it at the polls.

Halloween is coming: Please keep it real

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